Dr. Matiang'i for 2022 and Nelson Marwa as running mate. We want DICTATORSHIP FOR 25 YEARS

We NEED BRUTAL IRON FIST type of dictatorship for 25 good years Wakenya wapate akili kwa sababu vichwa vya wakenya zimejaa makamasi. Sasa utaona mafala wakisema you want to go back to the days of Moi. YES! If possible far worse than Moi!

After 56 years of indepence Kenya cannot feed its citizens despite having fertile soil and unexploited underground water for irrigation.
Africans DON’T Deserve democracy because they are immature politically to handle democracy.

Matiang’i ni mtu wa mkono, please. He can not and will never be anywhere near power, just like Marwa was used in mombasa and dumped.

Matiang’i admitted that he lied about the mercury thing. And several times he has refused to appear before Parliament for one reason or another - i suspect kichwa ngumu. He’s definitely not the right person to be in State House.

We need evolution not dictatorship.

Careful, my Friend! Shit happens!

  1. Obama
  2. Drumpf
  3. Magufuli
  4. Etc.

Kenyans misuse this constitution by running to the courts for every petty issue including toilet paper ikiisha kwa nyumba. We DON’T need this katiba. We need dictatorship, watu wa corruption wauwawe like Durtate does in Philippines watu wa madawa(Joho, Mwau, Sonko, Kabogo) mapigwe risasi bila kesi

Gathecha 's brain is worse than ya mtu wa mkono. He couldn’t even fool Gatundu people to elect him. Ruto’s mind ni ya chicken seller tu, he still suffers that poverty of the mind that makes him want to steal everything. These two should never have been anywhere near power. Almost anybody apart from Raila would make a better leader than these two thieving, inept clowns.



Kenya has youthful and educated population that can be used to assemble TVS, phones and other electronics in factories.

…and? Finish the idea please…

Hapana hapana hapana. Tumekataa!

You are the type who after reading through the questions in the exam room and finding them too hard, proceed to formulate your own questions and proceed to answer them. Read again what I wrote, slowly.

Only in the case of @Motokubwa.

Am just reinforcing your statement!

:D:D:Dkubali tu hapo ulikuwa ume-marwa…


I am the dictator y’all want. Am so close to it. Nikiwaambia Baby Panay for prezzo you vote.

Wewe hata familia yako hawata kupigia kura.

@Punda You should have realized that either a dictator or a thief the impact is the same. You think people who cannot say no to corruption can say no to dictatorship? I don’t think so.

:D:D:D they are very supportive.