Dr. Luther12 Saidia

I went to the clinic on tuesday after an headache that began monday evening, they did a blood count , 2 malaria tests ,an MRDT and another test i dont know the name just to confirm the result of the former, turns out i dont have malaria, but my lympocites count is higher than normal, so i could be having a viral infection or something, i have been feeling bad generally some pain on the neck that keeps coming back, i was given brufen, pain (head ache)went away.

Before the the doom sayers say anything i also tested for HIV last month na sijakulana in 1 year after my gal travelled abroad (heart ache usitake jua, story for another day) but all in all am negative… so that said, what could be happening? if this pain persists, what do you think could be happening? i’m planning to go back to the doctor, any experience on a similar case? i will love to answer more questions if need be.

Thanks Brother, this community is better with people like you.

ungemwambia ajaribu u-MP wa manyatta kwanza asisimame urais kura zikose kutosha kama za Martha


Wewe ndiye iron man. 1 year? I tried one month and I literally went crazy na hiyo ndiyo sababu siwezi taka kufungwa jela.

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Is the pain/headache accompanied by neck stiffness?

Could it be related to the dry spell?


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Definitely, it’s called heartache. I think the question should be directed to Uwesmake amtafutie momo.

Had symptoms like your, the test results came the same.
I was given arcalion 200 and brustan. My boss and I had a cold last week and we have similar symptoms.

@Luther might this be related.

halafu doc maze sore throat inanimaliza, its almost weekend so how am I gonna eat vagina in this state the universe has conspired against me

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Yawa self control ndio uko na shida nayo :smiley:

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pole sana my friend…could you be fatigued?

one year? ooh boy…i admire your sexual control…

boss, must you? what is more important, cat or your health?

I cant even swallow food, the pussy part was a “what if am required” anyway hope you are winding down the week well

oooh …ungesema hivyo…mimi husikia maji moto, ginger garlic and lemon helps. ooh yes its been one fcked up week. pole sana and ugua upone my dea…

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If it’s a throat infection then you better see a doc or go to the pharmacy …that sickly feeling makes one feel pathetic

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yes, and then just woke up to slight discomfort in my stomach. the neck pain is still there.

kumbe ni tonsilitis been given some medication


Tonsillitis is easily catered for by a simple course of antibiotics. I’ll send you a message shortly.