I hope you are doing well,
Of late i have been trying to fight alcoholism(1st generation), Porn , Kawasaki na Kuhanya hanya. Its now almost three weeks and i feel like a virgin already. As usual, there are those withdrawal symptoms associated with the above mentioned and the biggest was insomnia, my friend advised me to get diazepam but after two nights of hallucination, nightmares and confusion, i stopped and switched to lexotanil which had similar side effects but lesser magnitude.To be precise i have used the drug for 19 days and want to quit. Najiskia sasa i can manage without the drug. Nimerudi exercise na sasa ile excess sweating na kutetemeka imeisha. Should i just quit or start using a 1.5mg one? currently on a 3mg dose and seizure is one side effect of quitting according to the little info i have.,
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:slight_smile: Hope you get better

…waah pole…i however wouldn’t resort to medication for insomnia…why not let your body re-program itself once again?

Tumia bangi wacha madawa.

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@ Supu, its not easy for someone who used to take shots of whiskey before breakfast

I always sleep better when am sober, at most up to 8 hours of sound sleep But when I sleep drunk, the moment the alcohol subsides from my system I wake up around 2am and sleep in fits till morning.


where can i get lexotanil bila prescription?

Yes, I’m doing well. Congratulations on your decision to quit those destructive habits. Ile makosa ulifanya ni kutumia hayo madawa bila ushauri wa daktari. There’s a very real risk of substituting one addiction for another.

Yes, it’s true that the dose should be tapered down prior to total cessation. My advise is to quickly get in touch withyour physician for further guidance and close monitoring of the same.

Nowhere. Yule atakuuzia tukimjua atakipata.

hehehe…wewe daktari wacha hizo. there is a time i used to date a nurse,alikua ananiletea hizo stuff za kurelaxisha mwili weekend. Goodstuff i must say. Bad part ni hio story ya ku form dependancy

I was wondering the same thing. Who takes benzodiazepines without the guidance of a doctor? These drugs are dangerous!

Haraka sana, see a doctor/psychiatrist.

Huyo nurse ni wale wanaandika treatment sheet ati wamepea mgonjwa wa burns ICU 50mg pethidine kumbe wamempea 25mg. Hiyo ingine ni ya kujiburudisha na @biraru jioni. Mgongwa ni kuwika na uchungu tu everyone wonders what is happening.


he hee. hata huyo nurse wakimjua wata m DFHKM literally

I’m actually very serious mblo. Be eternally glad that she was not found out.

I miss you!! You’ve been MIA of late…pris come back!

Now Prof…You just landed here and you want to change your ways? I wish well though…

Thanks Doc, i will do so ASAP, as i try to quit

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Hata pia mimi nataka kuwacha pombe sijui nianze bangi?

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I thought these are names for ARV med