dr. luther

what is that condition where the water is like corroding the tooth enamel,so apart from using soft water,is there any permanent solution?

so thats the condition?whats the remedy?

Flourisis ni meno brown.

Permanent solution - ngoa meno

just soft water it will reverse over time

Eeh, unfortunately mmbo ya meno siyajui. On that I visit a dentist just as you would. And should.

unasahao naivasha wanafwanana wote… maeno chokolate

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Hata old mangi?

hawes kosa hapo :smiley:

No enamel…no problem

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If indeed it’s fluorosis, too bad. You’re unlikely to find a definitive cure. By the time the teeth appear stained as they do with fluorosis, so much mess has happened internally (including with bones). You may however get a few cosmetic whitening alternatives with which you should be absolutely careful lest you end up with sensitivity.

@Tris kwani you are a shockoreti? ama you are asking for a “friend”?

Dawa yake ni kamwe ustabasamu mbele ya watu, labda ukiwa pekeyako na ukijiangalia kwa kioo. Meno yako jiwekee mwenyewe.


see a dentist and besides teeth are off white not exactly white.

monkey wekerea mbicha. wacha aibu


meno gold…too bad if you have it and you are a chic…afadhali wanaume ata kama unayo unaweza pewa snog…,sijai skia dem amepewa na ako na meno gold…labda @junkie na @uwesmake ndo hawawes mind

siwezmind bora kunyi anipatie roho safi:D:D

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Am asking for my younger bro whose 7 y.o as for me I have white teeth

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hizo lips madam :slight_smile: