All listings in the health and fitness category have “Dr.Luther” in their title except one.Question to Admin and the village…why don’t we simply call this the " Dr.Luther Corner" or some such name 1.to honour our most revered Talker 2.well come up with other reasons yourself:). We can put this to a vote…I vote for calling this the Dr.Luther Corner.

@ol monk I support hiyo suggestion ya @Shyguy. In my opinion, hio mambo ya @Luther12 kuwa incognito bila physical address is not as significant as the priceless advice we get from the village doctor. Besides even our humble village has no physical address. Na hapana quote mimi.

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Asande mukhwasi

any body can assist in medical issues its not a must ikue luther though we appreciate his works

It should be ’ advice corner’ or ’ ktalk Q & A corner’ where villages can seek different types of advices @admin

It should ’ advice corner’ or ’ ktalk Q & A corner’ where villages can seek different types of advices @admin

Thank you fellow talkers for the suggestion. But even I wouldn’t want that scenario. The best is to have just one thread where everyone can post their queries and have them answered there.

The problem, unfortunately, is that most of us always want to post a thread even when another addressing the same or related issue already exists instead of voicing our opinions in the existing one. Case in point: how many have we seen today about Mayweather/boxing?

@Dr Luther hapo umenena

…next (and at this rate), I guess some villager ata suggest hii village igeuzwe iwe clinic:confused::confused:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Haha, Riddim wewe ni swara.

:confused::confused:Sijui kwa nini riddim na Mathice huwa mnaniconfuse

What do you mean? The two handles arent even close. Are you a msap by the way? You may be reading too much in my handle.

Yes I am…(bt peeps think am mkamba [quite irrelevant ]n i hate it :D:D:D), i think ur avatars kinda look alike, thats why

Purr, Its kinda normal, I too get confused by [SIZE=4]@Purr_27 na @Mathice[/SIZE]

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Tiga wana meni


Chenye nyinyi wawili mnavuruta mpunguze.