Dr. Luther

Kwa nini I used to get malaria nikiwa class 2 1992 but nowadays mosquito inaniuma mpaka nacatch feelings kwanza usiku nikiona movie na sipati malaria kwani niko immune.

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Uwesmake ori omuyingwa?

He he … i dnt get a thing bt am happy

Nakualika uhuru park baadaye twende tukate rhumba bila jasho.

your blood smells shit…

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The really troubling thing here is that @uwesmake posted something and he didnt use all caps!


Good morning sir.

The life cycle of a malaria parasite is a bit complex. Part of it occurs in the mosquito and part of it occurs in the human body.

For a mosquito to transmit malaria, it must pick up the parasites from an infected untreated person and later on introduce them to you after they’ve undergone part of their life cycle in the mosquito.

If there are no infected people, it follows then that mosquito bites will not transmit malaria.

This ingenious idea has been used to virtually eradicate malaria (as high as 98% eradication) in countries as varied as Vietnam, China, Comoros, etc. Basically what they do/did is go into malaria-endemic villages and treat everyone with antimalarials. Then 40 days later, they come and give a second dose to everyone who got the first dose.

This clears malaria parasites completely from the blood so that even if a mosquito bites you there’re no parasites to pick up and later transmit to another person.

The other thing, persons who live in malaria endemic zones have been observed to possess some kind of immunity against malaria though this appears to be lost if one is away from the malaria-endemic zone for more than 6 months.


Na wale husema malaria iko kwa maji?
Also Dr. Luther12, jaguar, in one of his songs discredits the use of mosquito nets saying it’s a con. Is he just plain thick or high on his own supply?

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He’s both thick and high on his own supply. He should listen to Biggie’s Ten Crack Commandments.:slight_smile:

Malaria in water? How? Only mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, not malaria parasites. The female anopheles mosquito requires blood to mature its eggs while the male feeds on nectar.

The effectiveness of Long Term Insecticide-treated mosquito nets in combating malaria especially in expectant mothers and young kids speaks for itself, not just in Kenya but in other countries as well. The thing though, is that it requires different measures to control e.g clearing bushes, properly diagnosing and treating the sick, draining stagnant water, indoor and outdoor spraying, etc.

Hio song ni gani?

The sheer number of sexually transmitted viruses in your system is what is keeping the mosquitoes at bay.