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[ATTACH=full]3160[/ATTACH]My easter resolution is to stop smoking hizi electric ciggaretes zitasaidia kweli,asande omwami ,evidence ndio hii.

Please do not quit, at least for the sake of us in the funeral supplies business.


I thought we already dealt with this issue kitaambo?

Anyway, I do not know much about the electronic cigarettes so Im not in a position to recommend them or not.

What I do know is that as far as quitting smoking is concerned, no two people are exactly the same. Everyone has to find the strategy that works for them and stick to it.

The first step is having identified the problem and made a resolution to stop it. Congrats for that. Now the hard work begins. Start by identifying what triggers the urge to light up. Is it a stressful situation at work or home? Figure out a way to deal with & address the stress. Is it a sense of belonging when out there having fun with your smoker friends? Hawa itabidi uwaepuke kama sumu, etc.

From now on, you’ll have to make a conscious decision not to smoke and avoid situations and environments that may trigger your craving for the same. It’s not an easy path to walk but it’s doable with lotsa will power.

Of course, you can expect your body to play some games with you via issues like headaches, weight gain, disturbed sleep patterns, perhaps even tremors, etc. Sisemi lazima upate hizi but should you, these can be addressed medically if you consult your regular physician.

Finally, seek out other reformed smokers and let’s hear their stories. I recall a few who had shared their stories in our former home, I hope a few will show up and share their experiences on here. (@Supu don, where art thou?)

All the best @pamba.

i feel you @pamba …try apples when the urge strikes…i managed with patcos…:slight_smile: i have maximum respect for them patcos…

@Luther12 …what i know for a fact is, it requires will power, determination …i battled with this vice for years until i discovered patcos, water and apples…when i got the urge i would think of all reasons why i shouldn’t smoke…first week i would get mood swings, get soo grumpy and irritable …i knew what triggered the urge and i learnt to deal with it rather than smoke…its not easy but its doable…now i do it simply for fun…

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All you need to quit smoking is the will and determination.
I smoked for 9 years and i will celebrate ten years of no smoking this year. I went from 30 a day to nothing a day in 3 days and i have never looked back i actually hate the smell of it now.
I was smoking one day after work when you are totally dying for a fag and i was just about to light up the second one which i had a habit of alafu nikaiangalia nikajiuliza what the fuck are you doing you ignorant educated fool?
Niliizima hapo hapo and i told myself it was the last one!
Two days later nilipatwa na kizunguzungu so i found the same packet and had one which almost knocked me to the floor but that was the last time i smoked. I found that packet of fags like 7 years later nikitupa my old sofa and i couldn`t help but congratulate myself.
Only downside is i put on like 4 stone in 6 months juu my smoking time had now turned into eating and drinking time!



hadi wewe ulikua unavutanga

yes…for years i smoked…but thats not something am proud of…

Weight gain will often arise, not because you’ve substituted cigarettes for food as @Ka-Buda infers, but because of the effects of nicotine.

Generally, nicotine raises up your metabolic rate resulting in your body burning more calories (which produces more heat by the way, hence the reason a smoker is likely to reach out for the cancer stick in cold weather).

Once you stop smoking and the nicotine is no longer there, weight gain kiasi is almost inevitable. A healthy lifestyle will of course help mitigate this.

smokers have very poor taste buds…once one stops smoking, the food tastes sweeter and hence the need to eat more…i would rather be obese than have cancer…but i managed to maintain my weight…


Oh yes, there’s that too. Improved taste and smell senses play a role. :slight_smile:

well, i guess its cz women smoking has never been fully accepted in the society…it was/is associated with ‘prostitutes’…but i cant remember hiding when smoking unless niko kwa hizi mikutano za church…

I totally agree. I remember i started eating biscuits and tea after i quit smoking.I would have never dreamt of buying biscuits never mind munching a whole packet a day when i was a smoker.
I believe that a bad habit has to be replaced with another and for me it was junk food that replaced the smoking and i am still trying to loose that sudden weight gain even after 10 years lakini like @Supu don said,wacha niuliwe na kitu ingine siyo cancer ya kujitafutia.


Our society has socialized them thus: it’s unacceptable for women to smoke in public. Same reason teenage boys hide and mask the smell when doing it.

Remember our engagement on culture and social norms the other day? That explains it.

@pamba my tanks, batteries,juices and joytech ego

I never loved the smoking from the word go… i saw how they messed my father. i never liked them

I only smoke weed once in a very long time, this year I have yet to smoke a joint, last year I smoked like three times.

Is it a fact that smoking causes lung cancer? My bro died from it yet he never smoked in his life. Our 101yr-old neighbor has been smoking since he turned 20, and he’s still going strong.

Someone explain that.

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i switched from smocking weed to eating weed cookies…those maafakas creep up on you two hours later almost knocking you the fuck out