Dr Luther twellof and fellow alcoholics

Does the human body reach a point and it begins to reject alcohol? I’m 33 come July 16th and alcohol has been my favourite past time abusing esp the last four years. I have changed significantly even quitting smoking but alcohol is one hard thing to quit. I was a VERY heavy smoker and alcohol was even sweeter with fegi. But after quitting fegi,I have realised alcohol is not fun anymore but unable to put a stop to it. Of late I have realised I get serious hangovers even after drinking two beers cursing myself the next day. Is my body rejecting alcohol?

Probably your liver imechomeka sana.Give your liver time to recover, it also depends on the type of alcohol you take in.

Mwathani…eti liver? I drink Tusker. Nikaskia balozi hainaga hang’i. It sure didnt. But a week after,I started having them. Worse is when I take KC like I did last Saturday. Sunday I woke up in hell.

Take a hobby, go to the gym, talk to the wife(Admitting the problem to her or anyone will be your first step), even better, get a bike

Pombe ni mbaya…Achana nayo!!! Enuff said

True, @alcohol to me isn’t as much fun as my teenage /younger years… Plus i develop this bitter taste that wont go away the day after taking any makali

try gaming… nunua ps kama @kamau ucheze hadi asubuhi vile alicheza. in the end hakupoteza pesa kwa momo wa Kericho na pia hakuumiza liver na fombe na pia akalinda nyumba while bibi was away

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your avatar says otherwise

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Hehehehehe… umenipata hapo. But my words are still valid

hope uko na life insurance cover ya watoto wako

good point…not easily taken, napata nikicheza gta iv drunk mini-games zinanichocha naingia locals

Pombe ni kitu mbaya…kila mara nikiamka na hangover na vow sitawai kunywa tena…hangi ikiisha ndio mimi huyo nafungua chupa

Just make sure you feed properly before kanywaji.

Kwani Luther Twellof ni alcoholic pia?

It’s about time you quit. That’s your body’s way of urging you to.

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Mejja! Is that you?


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:smiley: :smiley: Noticed the ambiguity. However, never tasted anything remotely alcoholic in my life. :slight_smile:

try wanking instead…healthiest hobby ever

Oh even doctor Luther is here :slight_smile:

Is it the high that you like or the taste of alcohol?