Dr. Luther saidia

I have noticed that my lips swell on their own in the evening before I go to bed. At first I thought it was some kind of allergy and took some priton which somehow helped. After a few days the swelling appears again, what could be the problem?

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@Luther12 should demand for consultation fees…many talkers want an easy way out here


Daktari ako off leo ni holiday. Go to hospital or google.

Swell on their own? Okay. Other times they are swollen by what? Bicycle pump?
Halafu weka mbicha daktari aone hizo lips.


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@Shaka, ever been to hospital coz of that? If not, I’d advise you to go to one. Reason being that a whole lot of factors needs to be investigated prior to arriving at an accurate diagnosis e.g whether it’s an allergic reaction, infection, a sign of renal issues (if accompanied by facial puffiness for instance), etc.

Make that appointment with your clinician tafadhali. And honor it. Keep us posted.

ile kitu daktari amesema ni enda hosi mbio mbio esp kama wewe ni mtu wa makali makali hivi. renal issues in laymans terms ni kidneys zinaeza kuwa na shida

Asante! renal issues ni nini?

ok, but I do not drink much nowadays

It’s not necessarily that your drinking has something to do with it. But the only way to conclusively rule it out is within a hospital set-up.

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Which lips?


fuata advice ya Luther uende hosi, tafadhali tu

I experience the same problem but only when I take too much meat which is undercooked and by that I mean not boiled for a few minutes before the actual cooking. Took me a while before I figured it out.

the upper one

sawa nitaenda kesho

I like red meat but mine is always well cooked

out of curiosity…how can u confirm this? ama u usually prepare it yourself?

sometimes I cook, we always boil it first to make it soft.

ok, just go to the hospital as per the advice given

do you know that when you overcook meat ( like boiling then frying) it becomes soft yes but its actually harder to digest and so doesnt have much benefit to your body