dr. luther priss!

good morning our good doctor? my niece went to school jana fit as a fiddle, when she came back she said other pupils are telling her that her mouth is twisted. she has no pain and surely when I checked on her the mouth was kinda twisted especially when she laughs, ( mwende Style) it is twisting to her right and when she drinks water or tea its, drooling off on the left. she is ten yrs .

  1. Could this be a sign for a major condition on the way
    2)she has not taken anything bitter why this sudden change ?

disclaimer! watu wa picha poleni I cannot do that here ! I need help so watu msitusiane .

Am no doctor and don’t want to sound alarmist, but several people I know with twisted mouth are survivors of stroke. I have no idea if there’s a relationship.

she has been ok @aviator ! was thinking about tetanus , but she received a tet jab last dec when she bruised her hand at ushago!!

peleka hiyo mtoto hosi chap chap…i hope hhaukulewa pesa yote easter

You might as well seek advice from Phillip Kitoto

@Macdonald . who is Philip Kitoto??

google “Bells Palsy” I dont know but a relative has a twisted mouth and he told that is it

the guy engaged by NMG to dish out “solomonic” relationship advice on Mondays. The village doctor’s reasoning has not been any different of late. Do not dare criticize him…no matter how well intentioned

Peleka huyo mtoto hosi, I hope you are not waiting for our advice before you take any action. Every second counts.

seek medical attention earliest…i can not pinpoint the exact ailment but it could b a symptom of a major disorder/disease

However, if it is bells palsy, it is treatable but you will have to act fast

@ice cube thanks bro , nimeona now have to heed what @junkie has advised.

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@mulosi! hapo ndipo! on top of it right away . thanks

Ugonjwa ya mtoto wa rao huitwa? No offense intended

Hosi chap chap bro. On the double

Second that

Take that kid to hospital ASAP. Thorough investigations are required immediately.

I think his was a cleft

And to anyone who will come here to ask questions BEFORE taking people to hospital for something as serious as this, tutakutukana na mama yako pia. Unafungua kenyatalk na hujapeleka mtoto hosi? Ni ujinga wa aina gani huu???

Kimbia hospitali, thats serious. My buddy had such sometimes back.