Dr. Luther Hebu saidia kidogo

There’s this thing ave noticed. Couple wakiishi pamoja for long they tend to resemble each other. Like there’s a friend of mine wazazi wake wanafanana sana! Then mimi na wyf wangu pia. Watu wengi hutumistake for brother and sister. Is there an explanation behind this?

wachana na bhangi kijana

Mayb bcoz ure one. . u bcome alike in many ways …even physical :smiley:

You just take a good look around. Utaona hakuna bangi apo

Tabiawise ni tofauti but appearance buana… kuna karesemblance ile huezi uliza

This is not within my realm but I’ll give it my best shot: when a couple has a kid, naturally the kid inherits characteristics from both parents. Anyone looking at the kid will tend to see a little bit of either parent in that kid. Over time, the brain will tend to interpret this to mean that parents are alike. I’ve read this stuff somewhere a long time ago but the finer details escape my memory.

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Ukichoma ngusu toa mbegu juu haikupeleki poa
Kibaki na Karucy wanafanana?
Raila na Ida wanafanana?
Naje Obama na Michelle?



Good nytini[ATTACH=full]4421[/ATTACH]

Maybe you and your wife should stop sharing make up?



I can attest to that. Some random dude once looked at me and the missus and made a snyde remark about incest…

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mweusi akioa mlami pia anakua mweupe kidogo?

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Its true, buts its for people who are really strongly involved in each other’s lives You go through same tribulations and emotions and eat same food, have sex at same time etc. Expressions on your face and your state of mind determine how you look with age to a certain degree.

There’s a lot of truth in this. I have asked my parents the question of whether they are related. Despite one coming from Eastern and the other one from Central, they look very much alike.

I guess ni vile @Ingia amesema.

@Luther12 maswali zingine kataanga.


please tell me you knocked him the fück out

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Penye ulipata hiyo story unge copy paste ile picha ilikuwa hapo pia.

how else would “a couple” have sex?

on the subject of the day about couples looking alike with; i would say it has been said but never proven

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ati couples look n think alike? kwa hivyo bibi wa @uwesmake anapenda wanaume momo? so uwesmake=Nitro?

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