@ Dr. Luther, enlighten mi/ us on whats a prostate diagnosis en what happens

Daktari, kwa uzee na mashida zake, magonjwa mob ends with check your prostate. Educate mi/ us.

prostate check up kwani uko < 40 yrs.

Get ready for a finger or three up ur rear,depending on ur sexual orientation


Kuna course unaweza fanya online then check ur owm prostrate

Prior to klist going down, @mabenda4 had asked me to do a listing on prostate cancer. Sijasahau, I’m working on it. Please be patient. Thank you.


Dakitari nilazima nifunguliwe boot nikienda prostate diagnosis?

Mwenye kukwambia hivyo alikudanganya. Sio lazima.

Can you explain in detail our beloved Dr,mbicha hatuhitaji.

Still waiting. Am fast approaching 45 and want to know what lies ahead. Harakisha bro

we mbisha ya boot yako hapa usaidiwe chap chap…

I thought it’s standard procedure.

i thought so as well…

As I said, sio lazima.

Got checked for it at Mp Shah Hospital. They just took a blood sample early in the morning and went back for results later in the afternoon. Got the all clear but that was a long day for me.