Dr. Luther and other village sex therapists... Niko na chinda

Please help!

I will be 40 soon and I have just proposed to my ex wife… Again.

I don’t want to grow old alone and we have been having an “affair” for the last few weeks.
Sounds crazy but it was never easy for me and her to keep our hands off each other even after our divorce and we always had sex !

But something changed my mind about her last month that made me fall in love with her all over again to the point of proposing to her AGAIN!;

She has started growing vegetables in her garden!

Now this doesn’t sound like a good reason for most men to fall for a woman but I went to pick my kids up for my weekly visits and there it was!; A garden full of sukuma wiki that she has been growing all summer!

Yaani, some women break up with you and they start shagging other men but this babymomma of mine started doing gardening!.

Just goes to show how wrong I was to divorce her!

Shida ni moja tu;

I have trouble ejaculating! (Nachelewa kumwaga)

At first I thought it was the nerves from shagging her so nikaenda to my local brothel nikapata a hot looking Romanian hooker kadogo hivi thinking that I just needed a change of “diet” juu enyewe ex wife ni momo and I love momos although we All need a balanced diet once in a while! Kikikikkkk…

Now, the problem is I find myself fantasising about other women just to have an orgasm with my ex wife and when I try shagging other women, I find myself having to fantasise about my ex wife just in order to have an orgasm!

My South African friend reckons ex wife has rogad me but I don’t believe in witchcraft!

Is there a medical explanation for this?

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shida=team nduthi+arimis


Man you skipped one critical stage in life…You are forty and still breaking up and making up with your ex…You need to re-evaluate your sexuality…Take sometime off and ask yourself what you really need…
The beauty abt life is that your meant to be partner is maybe a talker in here…who knows it might be :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

He is 50


The chickens have come home to roost…:D:D:D…Do you have life insurance? Are you going to be cremated or ferried back home? You are probably stressed.

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dosing off or popping?

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Considering how many kids you claim to have, maybe not being able to ejaculate is in your best interest.


swirrey! Hey gal!

The funny thing about KTalk is that you ask for advice from Medical experts but the first 10 replies you get are from the Village faggots and the Local sex starved slag !
What in the FAQ is wrong with you people?!


Wachana na kuwasha nduthi

napost kama msee wa 11. hao top ten nmeskia ni village faggots na Local sex starved slag. sina la kusema ata


mimi kama a sex starved slag nasema hivi. INBOX THE VILLAGE DOCTOR


It’s you, not the villagers.


It’s all in the head.

Mumias mtu akitembea hapigwi na makuma kwa njia?

Hey girl, you well?

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Come back to black people. Black you get there in majuu are probably misfits.

We all know Ma-dere wote wa lori including meria mata wataishia hapo… Lanye umekula za kutosha

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aje sasa?

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