@Dr Luther and Meri Mata.

Kindly advise on the following Digital box.

SuperBox free to air decoder (set top box)
receives all free channels from
BAMBA,SIGNET,PANG,ADN platforms (over 55+
channels in total) therefore no need to buy
multiple decoders. You can allow record and
replay TV programs, listen to over 16 radio
stations, play music/video etc. The Decoder
has one year warranty and is selling at a one
off Price of Kshs. 3,299 only

Is it worth it.


salimia meria mata Sana, I think its worth it.

Kwani @Dagitare Luther sikuhizi anatibu hata digital boxes

When you say PANG, is it all or just their FTA offering?

Sasa hapa ndio nilikuwa nakuhitaji… Just copy pasted from their Facebook wall.

Dagitare ni Genius… Hata issues na Magari anatatua…

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I thought it’s a box you’ve already tested in the shop. Kama ni za FTA, all other STBs out there are capable of receiving the exact same bouquet, including @aviator’s Scantech.

Don’t waste your money on the chieth. Too basic and cumbersome.

Get a Scantech.


Thank you. Much appreciated.

@aviator, how much is the Scantech na iko na features gani unique that other decoders don’t have.

kama box iko na HDMI & usb ports iko sawa

mafafa wa FTA washa sema