DP Ruto's home attack Somali guy who was killed by Recce is in Court and is now Ethiopian

The saga continues, the plot thickens.

Dead Somali now in court as an Ethiopian. Lone attacker who held his own against elite squads of GSU for 18 hours before he went down in a hail of bullets is back from the dead.

Alijibu mashtaka pale kwa hakimu mkazi Milimani…


The official story is this is an accomplice…



I wonder how the accomplice was caught when the partner is dead and can’t rat him out…anyway, following…

Kupimwa ujinga aisee! Si wanatuzoea?

I also wonder how paternity can be determined by dakitaris who were not witnesses to the baby making.

Or how they can determine cause of death without the dead guy telling them


@Mjuaji in your rush to spin you have failed comprehension…or you should have done a little research that would have led you to a story in the DN today that says the accused was in regular phone communication with the deceased. brarry bure kabisa!

Think call logs, think messages…or better still, just think.

There was no attack to begin with.