What Happened to those days when marriage was sooooooooo easy…??? You just walk to a ladies home, ask for the parents hand in marriage and as long as the two of you are in Love and the clan approves of it, …pap…u given the girl and your mumu would just pack Miraa , Tobacco , a goat , Cow and follow as dowry…Big party would be thrown thereafter by the elders and later YOU AND YOUR VIRGIN WIFE would go and start a family…
Our Ladies Now drink more than their Uncles , Lost her virginity to some goon who just exists, Smoke Weed , Cant Cook or Clean , Cries like a mourner for hire…Kazi ni Kuvaa Wig and Ironing them after they are rained on…And the Dowry Price 1 Million na Tank zile Kubwa za Maji ka 3…


That is the anticlimax. Ni kama kununua Big G imetemwa 100bob shiet

Dowries should be done away with. Although its proponents claim that it’s a man’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to the parents of the woman, i find it odd that you should say ‘thank you’ for procuring yourself an expensive liability. Most women nowadays are bundles of stress so its very comical that a man should dish out 1 million to show his gratitude after getting that biological bundle of stress. Of course the society will congratulate you for getting that ‘soulmate’ and ‘helper’; however, more often than not, this ‘soulmate’ will turn out to be nothing more than a walking factory of stress and nagging.
mmmm…and why would someone pay up to 1 million for a lady who probably has serviced(for free) all loafers in the hood. Why pay 1 million for a lady whose cooking ‘skills’ dont extend beyond the ‘expertise’ needed to boil an egg?
If marriage, as originally intended, is based on simple, natural love, it can be wonderful; unfortunately, self-centeredness, serpentine scheming, money and social statuses are the building blocks of many modern marriages. Any girl will fall in ‘love’ with a billionaire cannibal. Many husbands are just trouser-wearing , bearded ATMs to their wives which explain the fact that when a husband dies, the widow will mourn because she has lost a bread winner and NOT a lover.
Marriage is a glorified prison.


Marriage like a cage of birds those outside cry to be let in those inside cry to be let out.

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We were lied to ati our culture is backwards. Most of us believed in that lie. A few of us didn’t.

Nilikuwa nimeweka mbicha ingine jana …


Those days, women were virgins…not Chemical induced virginity but real virgins. The virgins of today will say “am a virgin…but am very good in bed”. You think the p*ssy is tight but you might break your back on entry…its like lifting two empty 20ltr jerrycans of water without knowing that they were empty.


#dead hehehe

hahaha hiyo ni kali mzeiya…nacheka peke yanyu kama mjinga, but all you have said is very true

@DI TICHA leo umepost kitu ya maana, why lie?



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dowry shouldnt be paid anymore,these people are just ripping us off.!!

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Hiyo ya ku iron wig had me in stitches

trick ni usilipe yote at once, skuma 50k kila mwaka, utamaliza kulipa 1st born akiingia campo. thats the only way of dealing with such parents

To me dowary should still be paid but not at the beginning of marriage but after mmelea watoto and mmeishi for years


homo izi clips ziuitwa aje


Homo ??? :eek::eek::eek::eek:… …gif…

pole just shortenning your name