Double standard for women

The most frustrating double standard for women is that they will always be held accountable for every dick they took or were rumored to take. As a man you can tell a woman how you fucked twenty women last year, and if she likes you, she’ll just chalk it up to a guy being a guy. Some of you will shake your head and say that you couldn’t take a guy like that serious, but in reality women go against their words and take all kinds of shit serious depending on the looks and personality of that man. The point being, women tend to judge a man for his present not his past." Switch the roles and have a woman tell a man that she slept with five men in one year, and that bitch automatically gets put in the Pussy category, never to be taken seriously again. No man wants a woman whose history can be traced and thrown in his face. To commit to a girl from your neighborhood means that someone from that neighborhood fucked. To commit to a girl at your college, means that someone from that school fucked. If you start a new job, and Lucy the receptionist is giving you time, you’re excited… then you realize that Justin in accounting probably fucked her when he started and that your boss probably got the head at the Christmas Party. " Having sex doesn’t change who a woman is, it doesn’t make her un-pure, but the ego of men would rather pretend that they discovered her rather than was simply the next in line. In agreement i guess…


There is a reason why men who shag alot are called studs, while women who get screwed alot are referred to as sluts …

To be a stud, a man has to have some skills. He must be confident, charming, dress nicely, persistent, have some class, etc.

To be a “slut” needs no effort, all a woman needs to do is have a vagina and panua her legs

Whenever an accomplishment requires absolutely no challenge, no one respects it



hmmm, guys are all philosophical today i see

I sense someone is about to marry a prostitute


A key that opens many locks is a
master key, yet a lock that is opened
by many keys is a shitty lock.


Its just the way people are. If you discover some old messages of your lovely new girlfriend talking about awesome sex with one or two guys in the past, it simply breaks your heart and you relegate her to prostitute status. No matter how rational you are, the feeling is just bad. Nature’s a bitch. That is why nobody should discuss old pussy or dick with new pussy or dick. Let the feeling be that everybody was a virgin even if the hymen was already broken and that way nobody will have nightmares.



Hujaenda date :slight_smile:

Leo enyewe watu wamekua wahenga sana…very commendable

Me thinks if men were to be honest they don’t like sleeping around, its an ego thing, trying to compesate for an inner deficiency. AND if they were to be REALLY honest I bet as soon as they ejaculate they are disgusted by themselves as much as they are disgusted by the prostitute they’ve just dicked or any other easy lay aka any woman they don’t care for. . . .

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I agree with you as far as the disgust and guilt any man feels immediately after ejaculating. But like you say,this only applies with “easy lays”
But when a man ejaculates into that hot looking,hard to get new receptionist that everyone is talking about and that he has been flirting with all year; then the emotion is not Guilt and Disgust,rather its a feeling of achievement and conquer! Your ego is soothed and you are reassured that you still “have game” no matter how much the wife tries to put you down.It makes you feel that you are the man and that you are in total control of your destiny.
Now that is what being a man is all about.
Advise to women;Make him feel like “the Man” and he won`t need any reassuarance from outside…simple!


Y’all smoked some good weed today…


from experience? what you see is post coital depression, triggered by a drop in dopamine after the good feeling of the act…


No. she runs a business so she closed late n went home. I didnt pressure on date. Though i called anyway and got things going on text. Seems these business people have no time for things so I will let things sort themselves out slowly.

Its just the sexual urge. Most women cant keep up with it. And women just start offering sex while sometimes complaining or half asleep after mmezoeana. once a woman starts giving it to you casually as she does give her baby titties the man is put off and goes looking somewhere else. It is for the same reason men will hide from their wives and jerk off when the woman starts getting pricky when he wants sex. Once a man starts jerking off in your presence, he will jump on the next train he finds.

Mipango ya kando and chips funga are expensive and costly in terms of time and family relationships and nobody really thinks that they are ideal or gives a hoot about them. However, when mpango starts showing affection more than the wife, he starts negleting the wife and possibly the family. Women imagine their men to be some sort of hercules, but the reality is that they are just as fragile as the fairer gender. Only that men are more rational.

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yeah…but for those who have continued to do it again a few minutes later the second ejaculation leaves you relieved and high as if you have sniffed some illegal powder.

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And the Church said “AMEN,”

You agree with me? How odd?

No not from experience, just thoughts.