beneath the swimsuit bottom. Shortly I reached the spot where her swollen pussy lips met her thick thighs, and as my fingertips massaged the lotion into her upper thigh, the backs of my hand and fingers rubbed her hairy pussy through the fabric of her swimsuit bottom. Her moans were deep and throaty.

After a few moments of this she reached down with both of her hands, one pulled aside the swimsuit bottom with one of her pussy lips, and the other hand pulled apart the other pussy lip, exposing herself to me. “I want your fingers in here,” she commanded, and I obeyed. I slipped one lotion slick finger into her pussy. God! It slid in effortlessly, she was so wet and slippery. I began pumping the finger in and out of her hairy pussy. She began rocking her hips in rhythm to my thrusting finger.

“Put another finger in, but turn your hand around so your fingers are curvnig upwards inside me,” she commanded, and I obeyed. I pushed the two fingers inside, and as they curved up her walls she moaned with pleasure. I was pumping them in and out before she stopped me again.

“Push your fingers all the way in,” she said, and I did. “Feel that hardness inside?” She asked.

“Yes,” I choked out. Here I was eighteen and fingering this hot old woman for the first time in my life. My cock was hard and sticking up from my groin like a flag.

“That’s my g-spot, keep rubbing there and I’ll cum in no time,” she said, her voice full of anxious lust. So I began rubbing the spot inside her and she began gyrating her hips. She let one hand go from her spread pussy and snaked it into my lap where she found my cock. I gave a little jump when she wrapped her old fingers around it, but when she started strocking me it felt like heaven, and as she pleased me, I pleased her.

Shortly she was bucking her hips and gasping for breath. I knew this from watching porn that she was going through the throws of an orgasm. I stopped pumping my fingers, and she practically screamed at me to keep going, so I did. Soon she had stopped thrashing about, and she told me to remove my fingers, and likewise she removed her own hand from my cock, and instantly I missed feeling her strocking me.

“Come inside before we both get heatstroke,” she said. “Oh, grab your clothes,” she said as she grabbed her own things. I did and we were inside and the airconditioning was beautiful. “Be a dear and go grab the iced tea glasses outside,” she said, and I did. When I came back in I set the glasses on the counter and she called me into the living room. She was kneeling on the floor, her head resting comfortably on the couch. I walked over to her, my hard cock bouncing with each step.

“Take off the rest of my suit,” she commanded and I obeyed. It slid over her plump ass with a little difficulty but I managed to yank it down around her thighs where she lifted a leg in turn as I pulled it off of her completely. I stared at her open pussy, some white stuff was dripping out. I asked her what it was and after dipping two fingers into her pussy and pulling them back to her face for inspection she said it was her cum, and then she promptly ordered me to eat her out.

I crawled behind her, and bending my head to her exposed pussy, stuck my tongue out and began licking up and down her wet slit. She moaned with pleasure and relaxed herself even more and her ass and thighs seemed to part even further, opening all of her to me. My mind was churning with all of this beauty, and I began licking again with great fervor. She gasped and moaned as I licked all over her pussy.

“Rub my clit,” she panted out between breaths. I snaked my hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy all over, not really knowing where her clit was. She brought her hand back and directed me to the jutting nub of sensitivity and I began rubbing and licking her pussy again with wild abandon.

“Give me two fingers,” she panted between breaths again, I reluctantly removed my face from her pussy (God! It had tasted so wonderful!) and pushed two of my fingers inside of her. I had remembered what she told me earlier about

g-spot, and I rubbed it now. She cried out the lords name as she bucked her hips madly in another orgasm. More of her cum leaked out of her, and I leaned forward and began licking it up. God, it tasted so good!

“No, I want you to fuck me now,” she said with labored breath. I pulled my face away again reluctantly (I easily figured out that I love the taste of pussy and could eat it forever), I guided my cock to her hole. I missed the first time and my dick slipped down towards her clit, she brought both hands behind her and pulled her pussy lips apart exposing her dripping hole for me, and making it an easy target. I guided it towards the gaping opening and pushed easily in (I quickly figured out I loved the feel of pussy wrapped around my cock as well). She moaned as my length filled her. I pushed in to the hilt and pulled back, so sensitive, so slowly. After a few more of these slow thrusts she commanded me to fuck her faster, and I did. I slid in and out so wet, so smooth. She hugged my cock as I pulled out drawing me back in. I grabbed her love handles and began pumping her for all I was worth. I saw her hands claw at the couch. I would later find out that Ms. Smith, or Dorthy, loved getting fucked fast and hard.

The pace was too much for me, and my orgasm hit me and I flooded her pussy. I began slowing down from the sensitivity, but Ms. Smith would have none of it, she commanded I keep going. I’ve never had a multiple orgasm before, everytime I would beat off I was a ‘one-shot’, there was no purpose for me to keep playing with myself. I had done what I set out to do and I was satisfied. Of course I had no idea of women and their multiple orgasms, even after what I’d expierenced that day. So reluctantly I began pumping away. The sensitivity was driving my mind wild, I was crying out, ‘Oh God’, repeatedly. I could tell she loved what she was doing to me, for she clamped her pussy muscles even tighter, drawing me in tighter than before.
Shortly her own orgasm was upon her and she began bucking her hips again, I had lost the sensitivity and was thrusting into her madly, our skin was slapping loudly together. She screamed outloud with the orgasm, and I continued to pump away at her delicious pussy. She cried out again as another orgasm hit her, and yet another.

She abruptly got up quite shakily, and I slipped out of her, my cum and her cum dripping and running from her gaping pussy like a leaking faucet. She comanded me to quickly lay down, and I did. She then stradled my face with her legs and pushed her dripping and leaking pussy towards my mouth. Reluctantly I began to lick at her. She in turn took my hard cock in her mouth and began sucking me hard and deep into her throat. I had never tasted my own cum, never really had a desire to, I likened it to being gay. But here I was licking my cum out of this old womans pussy, it was mixed with her juices and I found that I loved the sweet taste and began eating her like there was no tomorrow. I snaked a hand beneath her and found her clit and began rubbing the sensitive little bud. She moaned around my cock. Her juices and mine were literally pouring into my open mouth, and I drank it down like ambrosia. I came one final time in her mouth, and she swallowed my whole load, as it wasn’t nearly as large as my first. Finally she came for the last time that day, and when I finally got out from between her legs my face was soaked with her juices.

“Thank you, Ms. Smith,” I said politely as any good little boy should.

“No, thank you. And call me Dorthy,” she corrected.

“Thank you, Dorthy,” I corrected myself.

That was the beautiful beginning to long relationship.

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