dorobo coin collection

since boyhood i have kept any curious coin came across. sometimes buying or tricking a clueless owner.
The oldest coins in British (queen victoria rupee) and German East Africa (the hellar) are part of the collection.
apart from coins, dorobo has two world war 2 medals gifted by a kings african rifles veteran (rip). Notes are
not easy to preserve but i have a Kenyatta’s and Moi’s notes that in their heyday were as strong as the dollar.
mostly in the 80s and early 90s did some traveling, Africa, Far East and Europe on Dorobo rights business. Never threw away
the loose change. Was worth it as some of the countries either ceased existence or phased out those currencies.
There is need to find ways of restoring the older coins and getting ways of preserving the paper money. They have to last beyond this century.
“osheni mesho” with a sample of the dorobo coin collection . While looking at the money sometimes I wonder where they have been and who handled them.

Omera digital currency is with us, one global currency, cashless society, it is a New Age. Hizi weak utaonyesha vituku

@il torobo ,Nice collection villager,naona wewe ni old soul,usiskie za watoto wa juzi,wanajua kucollect balenciaga na tight jeans. This is mine,nilianza nikiwa form2 then almost gave up on it after niambiwe one of the notes was highly valued. Niko na ya mobutu na inakaa itapanda bei my niglet akifika 60yo:D:D:D[ATTACH=full]340644[/ATTACH]

Everybody with his hobby. Some collect cars, some bikes, some momo pics

I think I should start to collect them.

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Sasa bonobo unakuja kuturingia na pesa za Kazakhstan na Malaysia. Ukweli Tom you’re not right in the head

Monsieur Les Baiser, tu est un gross millionaire!:smiley:

you start now, sixty years down the line you will be surprised how rare what exists now will become.

I had a 500 shillings coin in '92.

Natafuta zile notes za Zamunda (Coming to America

Najua ulizaliwa time ya flatscreen tv. So i will not battle this one with you,you will not understand

Keep these safely and pass on to your kids. They will be very valuable in the future.

@il torobo do you have in ur collection the king george vi, east africa 1 shilling coin, if not, holla.

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one of the first in the dorobo collection, what else have you?

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I’m yet to fathom the buzz about ‘latest sneakers’