Doreen Biira dumped

KTN news anchor, Joy Doreen Biira,
has been ruthlessly dumped by
her boyfriend after breaking the
news to him that she was carrying
his first born.
The lass, whose origin is Uganda,
thought that this would have been
the happiest news ever for his
boyfriend to hear, but it in return
it was the other way round.
The two had dated for close to two
years and Doreen knew that she
had found somebody whom she
will settle with the rest of her life.
But it seems like the dude was
just eying in between her legs, so
as to accomplish his mission of 5
minutes pleasure which he
managed to execute as planned.
Her fellow colleagues at Standard
Media Group confirmed that all
was not well with her and that she
had been summoned by her boss
for being reluctant while in the
office. Ladies, beware when your
dealing with such kind of beasts
who want to use ladies like a toilet

So the guy is a dead beat, thats just how it goes.

akue tayari kua exposed lol