dont smoke in the car.

I learned to drive pretty early. in class six I would park, in class seven deliver milk to the centre and there after I was allowed on tarmac. pretty impressive. I also drove early. not exactly early but relatively early. three years to be exact after college. then later, thanks be to God, after Fasie became mine, I bought her a ramshackle 1200 popularly known as Kagui where I come from.

fast forward to the other day today, 2005, I was headed home from office when the car, a Nissan blue bird stalled near CUEA on magadi road. luckily, my brother was nearby and he towed me to the Diaspora. on the morrow, before heading to work, my local mechanic diagnosed a broken timing belt before towing the blasted SSS to his garage in industrial area. then I board a mathree to work in town. corner house second floor next door to a former VP brother law offices. then the worst day in my life kicked in.

spent the day fighting with tenants,and, at one point, almost came to brawls with my partner over a very petty issue. at seven on the freaking dot, my partner dropped me off at railways bus termini to catch a mathree to rongai, ukipenda, the Diaspora. now friends, hold on to your seats. am just recharging this techno, then I will tell a story from hell.

Reserved for comments techno ikicharge


story come si utumie powerbank…

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nissan bluebird sss yetu ilikua KZT ndio ilikuwa ya buda ya job…sisi shuleni tulikuwa tunapelekwa na datsun 1200 pickup KYU

Kwani wewe in member hapa?[ATTACH=full]2825[/ATTACH]

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Your narrative so similar…[ATTACH=full]2826[/ATTACH]

Muchene ya Hii suspense “stairo” wachia wamama…[ATTACH=full]2827[/ATTACH]

I see the old m4 is back. Sasa maliza hii hadithi.:):slight_smile: Where I’m harvested from the 1200 is known as ‘gatwero’.

holding my seat tightly

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aki I just lost six paragraphs. I can’t believe this phone. tulieni lazima nimalize before muamke

Tuamke saa ngapi mmm!

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All eyes here.

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Waiting for the udaku… Nimefuta stul na nimeita neighbours… Na usiipike sana coz sio Githeri.

karibu M4. hakuna kurara…

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