dont smoke in the car tunaendelea

…back then ,the nganya no 125 matatu used to park almost in the roundabout Harpo railways. I made a beeline for the sleeezest of them all and sat back left. now friends, indulge me momentarily as I paint a picture for you on the occupants. from right to left. driver, youngish muthii, and an elderly man front row. second row, behind driver a youngish fellow, plus two male wathii. majanga row, two male wathii and the concodi. third row, two male wsthii and a youngish fellow right behind concodi. back row, a middle aged man in short sleeves, a lady, the only lady and mabenda4 back left. mark the seats friends.

before leaving the office, I had signed a voucher for kshs 18 k meant for the planting season ucha. the money safely in my wallet. FASIE was to travel upcountry on the morrow. I also had two soo for fair and crap. before boarding, I bought a pack of sport man, lit one and drugged on it like a maniac. then I crept to my corner, followed by the lady. i took a fifte for fair and used it as a book mark in a book i was reading. Theban triology tlanslated by Paul Roche. mathree ikawa crome, tukangoa nanga(mtajuaje I live in coast. he he)

jam jam kidogo kidogo, we hit langata road hapo nyayo. I was drowned in the ancient Greek homestead of on Oedepus the great. we sped past Wilson airport just when Oedipus that his wife was his mother. up towards langata barracks. now, there is this roundabout or junctions that diverts off langata road to langata proper. or otiende. or onyonka. or ngei. or hell. that one. there is also a stage there. I sensed the mat slowing down and thought a muthii would debus. went back to my book. then a little commotion upfront. looked up.

famyeni hivi. ebu go back to the seating arrangement. go back and tell me who is seating on the back row besides the Lady and mabenda4. whoo. ohh. the middle aged man in short sleeves. that one. I heard him command “arega name ngari mirage!” meaning “if he declines to handover the vehicle, kill him!”. Jesus Christ of the real Nazareth.

then he bitch slapped the youngish fellow in front of me scrawling “wee ndakwirire twa act ukanyita ikanga ritigathanduke ngoma into!” told u to always pin down the makanga when we act lest hr frees u imp!"

things were happening in double quick time and faster than Good luck lost his seat, the makanga was a small parcel folded thrice. guns pooped on all rows except makanga row. the youngish fellows courtesy of. without prompt, my keys dropped from my hands as I reached for the ceiling in surrender. book still in hand. the waititu in the driving seat, beat a u turn and we headed back to town. tukaanza kuporwa. my wallet revealed the planting season haul. 18k willingly I gave. front pocket unleashed a flap Samsung and a pack of kings less one. every coin on me gone. still the book is in hand. we were then ordered tuweke mikono chin I to resemble normal wathii in a mat. we pleaded with them to drop us off but they were adamant . hapa kuna mtu tumetumwa was all we got in answer…breather friends

rareni tu nimalize.

:eek::eek::eek:I’m waiting for part 2.

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Ujichinga… Hekaya,


Scary experience, wah!

weka mbisha ya ukiwa umeinua mkono na kitabu. HEKAYA

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Nicer narrative

Suspense style

Hehehe waitutu on the driver’s seat hehehe