Don't Meet The Parents.

What is it with women and meeting their parents?..The past 3 ladies i have dated, we fell out because mainly i did not want to meet their parents. You date for 3 months, next minute “Twende tuone Mum this weekend anataka kukumeet” I am yet to give in but the pressure is building up with the current one…The reason is simple i don’t want to. Not yet. Especially considering she is Okuyu and i am Jaluo Jeuri.

If a woman tells you to go see parents, that is a direct marriage proposal. Women should not propose. Move on.

A characteristic of women who are close to hitting the wall and are looking for a beta to lockdown. Start dating women aged between 18-23 uachane na hizi mashida kumeet wazazi. Otherwise if you date any lady above 25, sooner or later she’ll want you to meet the parents because, for her, it’s no longer about the thrill and excitement, yeye anatafuta bwana.

Niko na beta anataka wife
Kao, luhya, taita
With a kid or not
Age 26-28

Good. Keep resisting.

Point him to the red pill forums before he fucks up his life. Kwanza vyenye umesema anataka with a kid or not, he’ll probably marry a single matha, then live in misery forever after.

Mtafutie na umfanyie road test pia

kikuyu women dating luo men never learn… katambe !

Have u ever seen a hot and pretty 18-year-old telling u muende mkasalamie wazazi?

Achana na wamama, tafuta waschana bwana. Next utaskia akisema hajanyesha, then before u know it u have a high mileage lorry packed in your living room and your life will never be the same again. Omera, use your head bwana.

You are on the right track …you have maintained your frame …women should be the ones to beg men to marry them and not the other way round as long as those women are:

  1. Quality women (not clearly observable ratchets)
  2. Women below you in age by at least 5 years
  3. Childless women (if a single mom insists just take slices and take of)

But there may also be a risk for they could be seeing you as a beta provider and they just want to domesticate you with marriage (i.e beta bucks alpha fucks)

Mwambie a jaribu Georgina Makena… @TrumanCapote very eligible senior spinster from the nyayo muungano choir,…

azawise uende umuoe wewe mwenyewe kama anaweza kupa assignment kama hiyo kisha mutuondokee na umeffi kama huu hapa…


Kama unaona future mzuri naye si uende.


@Mbeta meo leta ile hekaya yako ya jana ya vile ulitombewa kunguru

Ingia plantation kama betas wenzako uache kusumbua.

:D:D:D:D Hata kama ni MGTOW hii imezidi. Kuweni na huruma kwa @TrumanCapote na ajusa wenzake.

A hot pre-wall woman below 22 years will never agree to commit 100% to you ( marriage).


Simply b’coz she does not want to be taken out of the dating pool while she is at her prime. So why then should a man commit his resources to an overused lorry above 25 years?

Wanaume tujipende kidogo bwana

plantation utaingia tuu

Is it the tribe factor that is your greatest concern?