dont hit it raw until status is known

So today a man walked into our facility with his mpango, they want to get tested for hiv. First they tell us they are a couple but later we realize it was a lie. After counseling, the woman agrees to be tested first. She comes in and requests to have a talk with us first. we agree. she then tells me and my colleague that she is sick and that she is on drugs but her man is not aware so we should not let him know. she is willing to pay us anything. because she is sure she has infected him but she cant afford to lose him. we asked her why she is doing that to an innocent man and if she knows its against the we refused and we finally tested them both positive. wamama, this guy cried like a baby! he just wanted to die! he was sweating and shivering.saddest part he was crying how he has killed his loyal wife.saying they hav been faithful to each other na hajui ni nini alienda kutafuta nje less than 6months ago

Ndio sis tunaambianga wasee waputtingi makoboste into practise na haya ndo masaibu tunatry kuavoid

woooi, i pity that man, sasa familia imeporomoka…
but this story is suspicious , how did the lady know that she has infected the man? it’s not usually so obvious even if you sleep with someone…
also if an infected person is on ARVs , the chances of infecting someone are very low…

Anyway pole kwa ndugu na dada yetu…

Ya muhimu pia ni test, coz hakuna vile utaendelea kukula kitu ukijua iko na ugonjwa hata kama unatumia cd…
hii imenisaidia sana, before we fuck we have to test, even if we are using CDs, sitaki kuwachwa na doubt of any kind

:D:D:D:Dtrust ni 50 tu

hiv test ni free

Pheck na mimi nimekuwa nikicheat raw na kumwaga ndani recklessly.Tested 8 times this year all negative.However,this is a clarion call to change my ways

Too many Sti’s out there to attempt banging strangers raw.
Jipendeni kwanza.

Aids is for real, watu wa kumuaga ndani jichungeni!!

Hapo ni noma, walitoka pamoja ama kila mtu alienda zake ?

Wah…you are courageously reckless. Patronized brew bistro Westy this past weekend to blow off steam after completion of an involving project. Became a bit too familiar with some chick on the dance floor and she ended up kissing me on the lips, was a bit too drunk, but didn’t do anything past the kiss. I came back to my senses when she asked that we leave for a private place. I quickly pushed some few notes to her hand and disappeared. Cant stop worrying of what she might have passed to me through her mouth.

How do you guys survive without a worry?

Acknowledge the source puga!!!

Fare thee well in advance @uwesmake .
Nyasae akulinde.
We loved you here on KTalk but mdudu loved you more.

Majamaa ngwengwe ni ugonjwa pia kama homa. Ikikupata changamkia ARVs polepole na ukule fiti. But abstinence ni muhimu, sio lazima kudu …

And the Darwin Award goes to… Akufe ASAP!

So sad lakini yeye ndiye alijitakia haya yote.

Every time Im about to hit it raw I hear the soundtrack that says…

Utaenda x 2 Kwa Baba
Utaendaaaaaaaaa…Kwa Baba

Utaacha watoto wako utaendaaaaa
Utaenda Nyumbani Kwa Baba.

herpes pap

8 times this year means 1/month. At that rate either unauza haga ama una act porno.

Arch!Here we go again with the gay shit…you fags are really shoving this homo vibe down our throat by force by fire