Don't drive here-Nairobi (discovery world documentary)

I think the masai thing in this Docu was stage managed. But the town mayhem is very true…I hate driving within CBD.

Nice…thanks for this. Will watch it at night

Tafuta pia hizo episode zingine za Season 1 and 2 ujionee. You think Nbi is bad? Wait till you encounter Mongolia.

Get them from

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The presenter, Andrew Younghusband, totally love his antics.Followed him in lots of cities across all continents.Cranky fellow.

Hi Luther thanks for that links,

daktari azande sana boss

hao masai ni mandothi kweli…

Hehe… The whole thing is very funny. What you think is normal is crazy to people out there. He must have found the boda boda and the bread bicycle very funny…yenye imenibamba ni ile lorry ya mwisho. Dereva anaulizwa vyenye gari haina brakes, steering, na tires na kuna inspection certificate and he is like “yah…exactly”.

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Just finished watching it. Hilarious is an understatement. The Masais all texting in the park like… “Nothing to see here whistling

Watched it last night, sasa vile tv zilizimwa na sina digital box, nimepata something to keep me busy



hehe leta moja kutoka mayuu nitakupatia pesa