Dont date a chic with Low self esteem

moja kwa moja kwenye mada,bora nisi wachoshe.
Nothing interferes with the ability to have an authentic relationship like low-self esteem.

1.Now,i would advice before getting into a serious relationship,don’t engage with A woman that has low self esteem,as a man this will be your anchor.It will sabotage your relationship you will end up being a grumpy,angry guy who used to be very happy.
2.don’t indulge with a woman who is not from a well of family,this is a baggage to the modern man

Na wasilisha.

3)dont date if you are under 30.

What do you mean? How can you avoid dating mpaka 30 yrs! Utaishi wapi?

1)before 30 kama una dooh pussy nimingi sana i cant date when i am getting what i want.
2)save save cash i always place 10-15k kando every month the cash i would use on a girl every month. in ten years i might afford a decent house.
3)having a girlfriend will slow down your process especially if you are under 30 and your grinding very hard. i can work 20 hrs when am single. my productivity is high sipigiwi kelele.
4) our decisions aren’t perfect when we are 30, we make more mistakes especially in the dating arena.
5) as a man by 30 ill be at my peak ill date the hottest thing around the best of the best not what i can get now(my standards are high, no mediocre).

i can continue but am tired of typing

I see. By “dating”, you mean “going steady.” Sawa.


Ambia tu watu wasubscribe coach red pill pale YouTube na uwache kusumbua incels na feminized men na betas

Huyo ako sawa ,very informed coach.

I guess is something like youtube lecture series? How long would one take to go through them?

Video zake Ni roughly 15 -25 minutes lakini ziko za hata ten minutes ,just watch a few at a time

Huyu msee video zake hukua mwoto wa kuotea mbali video yake ilinibamba ni never date a single wacha niachie hapo alinidunga realities zingine zenye hata blood brother hangenishow !

Mimi ile ilinichapa Ni advice for incels

You’re spitting facts I’m being objecive.I just hope you walk your talk and you’re not just typing

Easy to dream a dream, its even harder to live it

Wishful thinking