Dont come back

There was this lady I dated in campus…the longest relationship in campus actually. When we graduated, I thought it was obvious that she would move in with me and we could start a life from there, however humble…but I was wrong. I was making money through side hustles, enough to sustain both of us when we tarmacked, but she just stayed with me for a week and left. Her reason of leaving was that she needed a job and her own place first. Fair enough, so with a heavy heart, I cut her loose and moved on. Two years down the line, the lady starts calling me, texting me with those “I miss you” texts. Apparently, she has tarmacked for almost the entire time and got a low paying job recently. I dont know why she thinks that we can just pick from where we stopped because I already wrote her off a long time ago, and moved on. What should I tell her to stop bugging me without being rude to her? I normally dont like remaining in contact with any ex-girlfriend I ever had…but this one is like a fungus…keeps calling and texting

nipe namba yake, mwambie am the senior hr manager in a high paying multinational

She’s probably been pumped and dumped by several fisis in the course of that period and she realized they are all the same. Hiyo shimo haiko vile uliiacha mblo.

Just meet her like you would a normal human being and listen to her proposal, if she has one that is, And if you don’t like it explain why you cannot accept it. Maybe she is only nostalgic about the good times you had together.

Umenikumbusha two women I used to date when I was the real Randy man before i got married . Some years back walinipigia they are doing okay but single on different occasions ati they want to get my baby guess what the navy seal did?

am kinda liking ur view here

Are you serious? Stop misleading a nigga and give it to him straight…why would a woman come back after two years? 99% probability is that she has been pumped and dumped severally and realized that no nigga is willing to commit…that is when she remembers a nigga who once wanted her to move in with him. This nigga should block her and run for the hills…that is a selfish woman right there

You never disappoint! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

that nigga might be willing to hit it one more time kukamilisha threshold, kuna ishu?

Its the truth…best served chilled:rolleyes::rolleyes:…he should manage his expectations if he decides to screw her again…and prepare for a big…sorry…(wide and deep), disappointment.

So despicable…tsk tsk! Women are human beings with more than one function sio shimo tu. But you wouldn’t know.

So do you want @Voltron to become her therapist?

niaje purr, lazima threshold itimizwe hata kama ni after decades…kama vile icc husaka wahalifu baada ya mikaka

People grow up and change you know? Pia nashuku Voltron has been sleeping in a cold bed all this time. Kuget mtu mnaweza connect poa ni haaaarrd sana…He should give her a chance.

nipe mimi hiyo chance…if u truly take what u preach

Heshimu wazee priss. I’m old enough to be your big siz…sawa?? :cool:

One of the lessons I learned in life is that you do not prejudge a person’s intentions until you have listened to what is on their mind . Sometimes they just want to say sorry for their own heart/healing. Why would one deny them that?

The way she left you at first is the same way she will leave you after coming back. Few after campus relationships stand. Very few. Tulitee story baadaye

wacha hizo nawe