Don't Beg, Kill, and die

Please kill, don’t beg to live. You are animals! Lions etc kill . Kill your leaders!

We need a rouge KA pilot aibe F5 loaded jet ablast parliament deuring session, mbwa wafe tuaze umbwa

I support, timidity hufanya kondoo, enye iko na nguvu za kuuwa mchinji, ijipeleke kichinjioni

We need a rocket propelled grenade launcher tuangushe parliament na state house

I like how you think.

Kenyans are cowards and the leaders know it. Haina noma lakini. Wakenya wakifika mwisho watafanya kitendo dunia ishtuke.

Depends which day and the topic of discussion. Kama ni siku ya salary raise hapo sawa…any other day those fuckers rarely show up(and stay!!) in a numbers.
Kwanza there’s a scam they run to collect that 7500 session sitting allowance. Show up , sign register ,exit through backdoor. Enda biashara zako.

Leaders is a wrong term to describe a politician

Despots is more apt

its important that fools ask themselves…who voted those people into those positions

  • wajinga nyinyi - king kaka