Donald Trump

According to the latest poll, this dude is the leading candidate for nomination to run for US presidency on a Republican ticket(or whatever).
If he is nominated, the Democrats better get a richer, stronger, younger, less scandalous candidate. But if the y nominate Hillary Clinton, Trump will ruthlessly decimate her and will eventually win. This outspoken guy who fearlessly speaks his mind will capitalize on the famous Lewinsky scandal and other issues.
Hillary will have no chance…[ATTACH=full]9060[/ATTACH]

You, hands down, are the most clueless moderator here. Hujui site yako, hujui current affairs, hujui mood ya village etc etc.
Who’s cousin are you?


You have forgotten the Latino vote man (Trump has sidelined them with his snide directed at Mexicans), they are a force to reckon, he is popular amongst the conservative electorate, look at the statistics from a wider spectrum, when placed against a democrat in the statistics its when the true picture will come out. Remember McCain, he was a war hero man what did Obeezy (Boondocks) do to him?

Eheh…nisomeshe sasa ni hizo phd zako in current affairs…profesa nyambao_O


I think Americans would love to see Trump win the Republican ticket just so the election can be interesting. No way they would give that madman the presidency. Jon Stewart would stay on as the host of the daily show if Trump won. That would be the dream of every comedian in the country

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Donald trump appeals to white supremacists who are many

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Hehe…nigga please.

Hao ni wale pollsters walidanganya baba.


Nimeona avatr yako pale Kenyan Daily Post:D



Damn. . Our very own @Web Dev be hitting the headlines juiced like a ma’fucker!

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How will he capitalise on Lewinsky scandal???

sadly so… this guy should never win, the other races will have to unite to ensure that he doesnt

Sasa wewe ni celebrity… tabloids can’t get enough of you!!!

Its called baggage father…baggage! Her husband had this major scandal when he was in office…what was she doing wrong so that her husband cheated on her…is she a home keeper? If she was unable to tame her husband, can she tame ISIS? bluh bluh etc etc. Am telling you she is in for some tough times. Pray for her.

That is enough BS for one century. A person’s competence at work can not be judged against the goings-on in their personal relationships, relationships are based on emotions and feelings, these can be easily shelved at work.

Her campaign team won’t be too bothered about that, it is a no-brainer.

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I cant believe your side of argument. It’s too dumb for a university graduate(which i assume you are)… In america, political opponents go outta their way to dig for dirt, any dirt that can spoil the rival’s chances. For her, you don’t even need to scratch the surface…
Just see what @virus has posted.