Donald Trump retweets David Kyalo Musyoka


Sahii kasee hashikiki

1+1=2 if it’s base 10 aka decimal
1+1=10 if it’s base 2 aka binary

Let’s all thank Trump for calling a spade a spade not a spoon as Democrats want.


This might be our own @T.Vercetti aka @Purple aka @Ndindu . Cult member


:D:D:D:D:D:D according to research 70% of kenyans love Potus Uncle Trump

:D:DLakni matusi amepatana nayo…

Huyo ni

Kasee atanukisha kitunguu uncle Trump akirudi for the second term.

Kasee kanatafuta citizenship…

Hii page ame archive akaiprint na pdf

Trump anarudi wapi??

Not only Kenyan even Nigerians. I am actually surprised liberal wazungu have never decided to lecture Africans about loving Trump :D:D:D:D

It’s not over yet. Mark this post



Jesus was not born on Christmas Day. This is actually a pagan holiday.

We are happy that you Democrats are reading Trump’s tweets. We understand that you have been censored from reading them by your fake news media society, but kama tweet za mkubwa zinawafikia hio ni sawa.

a*s kisser