Donald Trump and his shenanigans!

It’s interesting, coming to think of it, that I haven’t turned my TV on since July, and yet, I have been sleeping in the living room for as long. I had contracted the Trump Fatigue Syndrome. Looking through the web I saw a pic of Trump and it reminded me of it. The TV footage had devolved for 6 months into mayhem, innuendo, fake news, and every sort of drama, except anything meaningful, and as such I had forgotten about him entirely. And now that I think of it is actually funny because my work place is about half a kilometer from where Air Force 1 sleeps. They tend to bring him here by those Greenish Marine Helicopters from White House about 15KM away. Occasionally you will see the obese modified Cadillac limos drive in hahahaha. And I was finally able to escape the menace of DC! Worst place to own a car of anywhere, because for the better part, there is simply nowhere to park! My building was about a 5 minute walk from Capitol Hill. Hehehe…and if you are not blessed with the ability to visually determine a half a foot tolerance from the rear of your car to the next one, you will be in for some serious parallel parking scenarios like a contortionist…lol…It is a great irony that that US Presidency in this new millennium has been transferred just about capriciously, and as such 3 times in a row!
=>First came in 2000, in the battle between the “inventor of the internet”-tongue in cheek- Al Gore and Texas governor George W. Bush Jnr.
We all know the drill; US presidential election is conducted through the electrical college system. Leading towards the infancy of the US, the British Colonists, domiciled in US were getting kinda frustrated of how things were going, and felt the British government was taking them for a ride, and, and usurping them, especially in such matters as taxation etc., yet having little say in the way things ought to have run. Contrary to what many might think, the founding fathers didn’t actually have in mind democracy per se, and considered direct “democracy” as some kind of mob rule, but rather a republican and representive system, and in several of the original systems, elements of the legislators were to actually select the president after being selected themselves, and eventually that electoral college system was instantiated.
With the exception of DC; which is NOT a state but rather a federal district, with effectively one city; Washington. It is shockingly “small” if so to speak. DC proper is probably no more than a 15 mile sided square. DC was carved out of elements oof Virginia and Maryland, and in fact there is what is known as “DC Metropolitan Area” extends, and is covered by sections of North Virginia and Maryland.
At national level, there is a bicameral legislature consisting of two chambers; Senate the Upper at 2 per state excepting DC, and a House of Representatives, with the size determined roughly proportional to decennial elections. So you got roughly 100 Senators, and about 435 Representatives to the state, with DC tying with the state that has least electrical votes, in our case 3 is smallest, and as such DC gets 3. Importantly DC are taxed, but largely excluded in the decision making processes of the legislature, and as such the state motto is; “taxation without representation” and that’s the standard sticker for DC number plates, but you can get a custom made, KARDASHIAN PON’D TO GET FAMOUS or other similar custome made plates. Tends to prove damn, if you are prone to trouble, because your car is quickly isolated.
Every state does a popular vote, except 3, and more or less , the system is “winner take all”. Each party pledges their own “electors”, and whoever gets a plurality, they get the electors vote for that state. You can WIN the popular election but lose in the electoral college. Democrats are in fewer states with highly. Winner is first to reach 270 of 538 .
2000 Elections: Popular vote; Al Gore won by about 500,000; Florida was close call; originally Bush had florida by ONLY 537 court ruled in favor of Bush so he is saved.
Before Florida: Al Gore 266 ; Bush 246 : up for grabs Fl 25
Bush wins Florida so,
Ultimately Electoral Count:Bush 271 Al Gore 266. Bush wins. Al Gore’s 500,000 popular vote victory is his consolation prize

=> 2008 :
Bush is done, and he has also done in the Republican Party. McCain is screwed before the fact. In reality this was rreally a contest between first “Potentially Black President/Why not white one? is one drop of black BLACK” vs “Hillary Clinton - Potentially first Female President”.
Well Obama had been previously a Junior Senator in Illinois(Remember there is the National Congress Senate/H.Reps) and there is (State Legislators: Senators/Reps); Obama was the latter. Here it was all about “change” “hope” “rhetoric” “illuminati’s cover boy” make your pick. Basically “change” was professed, and of course change never came.
Obama’s story is interesting coz it just reminded me:
I went and told my mum that some dude from Illinois, Kenyan Dude is running for president, and she said, oh Obama, “I used to be the Obama Snr. Secretary”. Huhh.
Well so after Obama Senior returned to Kenya in the 60s my Mum worked as his secretary to Obama Snr. in Ministry of something with a co-worker who was my Dad’s cousin, and that’s how they met.
In the meantime, black teachers were finally, 800 years later allowed to start teaching in Lenana, and my Dad was one of the first 3 African ones. During my Dad’s funeral a certain gentleman came, before we went up country. He told me I looked familiar, and I had no idea what he spoke about. So he told me his story. I gave to you a prize during some ceremony but I wasn’t sure if you were the correct person. I was the swimming captain and we had that even as a golden Jubilee memorial, and that’s when it happened. Decades back My Dad taught him Physics and Maths in Lenana. He aid my Dad and 1 other guy were very good which is why he was there all these decades later in his funeral and the third guy was a douche bag. Then he described the modified yellow vehicle that my Dad used, and used to race in!! I heard my mum mention it in passing long ago, but I thought it was just something random; now when I thought back to my self getting those Japanese Bullets while in Kuwait, and using forced induction to create certain gastrointestinal pleasures and momentary assembly and disassembly of my internals in the wake of G forces, I hadn’t fallen far from the tree!
There was something note. So wazungu had been making things difficult for waafrica and there were still frictional points until eventually the whites were out and it turned African.
The guy told me one funny story. So they were in a Physics class. I guess they hadn’t seen enough of my Dad. There was a “village bully” in class, those fellaz who get these disproportionate hormonal distribution and turn into small mini giants at young age. So this guy decided to shoot papers using a rubber band at the blackboard as my father wrote something on the board. I started laughing wondering what was going to happen next. He called that guy to the front of the class, did not say any words, but he was slapped so hard it could be heard the extreme end of the hall way 5 classes a way, and his village bully career was over!
So he married my mum while in Lenana. They had a photo I used to see in the album from a very old newspaper clipping, because my Mum’s big brother was in Kenyatta’s Cabinet I think 3 times then 2 under Moi. So off they left to the US and after x years he got his PhD right after I was born, and the whites REFUSED to give him a professor position live live(They let him do the job as a don’t know what the term is but you are not a full professor but you are teaching), but whites were not yet prepared to let them black boys shine…so my cousin’s fiance was from Nigeria and some stuff opened up in Lagos so we went there then Kenya…three is a certain side to caucasians that, if you haven’t lived with them you will never get to wrap around your head.
They are very “non-confrontational” prima facie , yet got worse venom than 10 black mambas combined.
When 2 whites are talking to the exclusion of any coloreds their perspectives unify, but after another race gets in the mix, tactical adjustments are made.

Here again it was the theme of change. The Republicans fielded such an underwhelming disgrace that, the swash buckler buffoon of a guy boxed them all out of contention, with absolutely no substance, short of vitriolic incoherence…The key word here was “CHANGE” . Trump was NOT voted in on any policy. People were simply tired of the status quo. And his policy now is HASHTAG ILL TAG ALL YOUR ASSES UP…and at that he is impressively prolific…And I guess that really was the point of this article. Why I turned off the TV.
By the way on the 2016 elections there were no surprises. The Polls had Hillary Clinton ahead by 2 Points of Donald Trump, and Hillary indeed did win the popular vote by just that amount at 2Million or so ahead of Trump. The spread of electoral votes decimated the Hillary camp.

Unless the polls before the elections were delusional in the aggregate there were no surprises there. My take of the Kenya election before the vote I typed in my whatsapp group 53 46 Uhuru and it ended up at about 45 54 virtually identical. My numbers spared people the inconvenience of speculation because I had no preference either way. I just typed that in from what I had to that extent seen.

So my Dad told me something interesting in about 2000. There was my Dad,myself, and one of my friends. So in their era, those magical days of Makerere, he had gone there and as they chose their directions there were two trajectories; Academic and Engineering in the kind of stuff he did. Essentially in that era the Academic had the status quo that is precisely associated with Engineering today. He saw the transition, and he was like, huh I guess if I was in your era it definitely would have been Engineering.

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I almost called you out as a fake about the mid East and Okinawa shenanigans without any mention of Virginia. Full circle now major.

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How did you like your lady boys served in Bangkok?

The lady boys I never engaged, but I fully understand the rationale behind the tendency, and if were a player in that “Grand Chessboard of Geopolitics”, and was a maverick, then my mind set would be apt to modulate my outlook to a “realpolitik” based one; and analogously, in accordance as may be posited within the realm of romance, then the Tranny option would be the most efficient one to make as a man; but of course I am not a chess player on the Grand Chessboard…