Don Moen & LeBlanc

Currently on JKL live. These are the creme De La creme in the gospel music industry. Very talented, very humble. These are some of the down to earth men of God that make my faith in God stronger.
Unfortunately in Kenya we have extreme opposites like akina kanyari, jamainga and kiuna that really spoil for these genuinely holy men.
God will make a way, where there seems to be no way…sing along with me @karl marx

Aaah lazima ninunue digital box sasa

Did you see Jeff saying hes never had of them mmmmh they r truly humble bt their shws at baptist a bit expensive thou. .

Bado nunua Tv kijana??

It was an awesome show

Ksh 2000 only for the common man like you, you can’t afford that?

2000? and a DVD ni 50 bob? Siwes lipa.

Negative undertones kila siku. .

Mbona walipishe kwani yesu aliitisha watu pesa? They are all the same…out to make money.

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Talkers tasked you with helping ol monk find a girl…umefikisha wapi hio task?

there is a big difference between attending and buying a cheap DVD. When you attend you get to eperince it live and worship and interact, with DVD you 50 bob you miss a lot and in fact it won’t capture everything


Where is he performing tonight? A must attend.

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Nairobi Baptist Church from 6pm.

Boss akina Benny hinn etc are in the leagues of Dr Kanyaree and Jamainga as i stated earlier. I think Don Moen is one of tghe very very few men of God who are genuine

This is some clever shit you’ve written. Unafichanga hii wapi?

Any charges?

2,500 regular…5,000 VIP

VIP brings you closer to the Jesusness


A a price.

Jesus fed 5,000 with two fishes and five loaves of bread…no one was charged. There were no VIP or normal tickets.

Na Obama atalipisha ngapi basi if some guy I’ve never heard of can charge 5k? Afathari nitume 310.

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