Domestic Flights To Resume Next Week Amid Strict Conditions

There will be unusual spacing inside the planes by leaving some seats unoccupied. Travelers will also have to undergo tests. So expect higher fares from NBo to MSA, KSM, ELD

I miss the squeaky & tiny Fly 540 birds. My best moments were when accompanied by first time flying ‘[SIZE=1]chips fungas[/SIZE]’- especially during take offs and landings- dem anakushikilia kiuno na mabega- mukifika kwa hoteli anakupatia ni kama umemtoa jehanam ukamleta heaven…

This essentially means that the partial metropolis lockdown will be dropped in the next presidential update.

Wickedness in high places :D:D:D

Alafu unampea @shoti_mzito :smiley:

Wewe unakuwaga gone case.Mungu akujalie ukae nasi longer

With air conditioning, in case of a sick passenger, the disease spreads to all.

:Dyou scare a funga into submission. hizo 540 are a mess nowadays. afadhali matatu za lungalunga

Link nafaa kunukisha kitungu Mombasa