Domestic Animals Fuckers Association

Taking cue from The Homos, I will on Monday seek to register The Domestic Animals Fuckers Association (DAFA).

The motto of the Association is: “If we can eat them, we can fuck them too”.

Membership of the association will be limited to those who are strongly attracted to sexual acts with domestic animals, or any others which are domesticated. Our attraction to animals is NATURAL, and we therefore bstrongly believe that recognition of the Association, and our way of life, is a basic human right. We were born this way, and we too are children of God. We do not decide to be the way we are.

On the same note, we encourage other natural people with diverse sexual urges to come out and fight for their rights.

Our rainbow country should reverberate with freedom for such people corpse fuckers (Necrophiliacs) and even those who love their sistas/brothers/aunties etc. Surely, if sex is between two consenting adults, why should anyone be jailed for humping his willing, and wet, sista? Why should a man be jailed for humping the corpse of his departed wife/cucu?

Let freedom ring true in this our lovely nation. Lets respect each other’s basic human rights. We are all creations of God, and our sexual urges are all normal.

PS: Membership to DAFA is now open. We will be having our first meeting at City Hall. Feel free to bring along your animalove.



AHA…This is interesting…Freedoms without boundaries

Jamhuri park would have been a better venue

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Sitting here wondering if incontinence makes anal sex easier or nah …


Zoophilia should be legalized and also people who are sexually attracted to inanimate objects must be given their rights. They were born that way.


I want some gal. Sitting here just thinking of the sweet scent of your pussi…

do the inanimate things include vaseline juu hao walichukua sheria mkononi kitambo…



Grease, Kimbo, geisha, sawdust, oiro, brake fluid etc:D:D


LOL :D:D:D:D I find your horny-grandpa-horniness sweet. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

I am attracted to Ferraris. No joke. Massive boner just thinking of the smell, sound, feel of the leather…

enda tu tannery

Sometimes i wonder why am here


You’re here so you can wonder why you’re here. INCEPTION BRUH!



You forgot robosexuals. People who fuck machines like that indian guys who fucked Ferrari exhaust last month

And they have small boots, ‘you’ll’ fit right in

Trolling is the new currency here, but anyways makes us get something to read.

Guka, umerewo. Enda urare sasa.

Charity begins at home. Why would you want to ignore the suffering of SJ service providers after they have kept you sane and happy for so many decades. I guess their recognition is long overdue given their numbers and customer base, not forgetting their contribution to the country’s GDP.Shall we start there?

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Have wanked to beastiality afew times.something about a dog pumping bucket loads of sperm deep inside a woman made me bust all kinds of nuts

WTF…its your choice