Doing Business in Southern Sudan

I have a friend who has been pressuring me to go a business trip to southern sudan to take some products.Guys please advice on what to expect and any challenges there off.

Kama mimi wewe ,abana enda uko

Yes there is money. But converting back the South Sudan Pound to US dollar will be a nightmare. Utalia kwa choo my friend

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not the right time boss, there is no money now because of war.

and war, which neva ends …

Ever heard of conflict entrepreneurs? There are people who make good money when there is war. When war ends, they disappear. The best example of such people are Lebanese. They are in South Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast. And they are super rich. When conflict ends in these countries, they will move

if he makes money… go for it

You will get a return on almost everything you sell in South Sudan(Over 50% margin).However to convert the Pounds to KES is a nightmare,as omkiya said,“utalia kwa choo”

I here that kcb has a good forex facilities for businessman who want to convert pounds into shillings

Why is their currency shunned and why not transact in US dollars.

yes kcb has a good rate, the problem is that rarely do buy pounds nowdays, and if they do is for selected few once in a month. That rate they offer is like imposed by the govt and not the real market value for the pound.

Shaka fi Juba?Gurush kitiir walai

Aii gurush mafi, ana mash baeit

Simple. Demand and supply. The supply of dollar is very low because of the oil problems (i.e. shutdown in 2012, rebels, fall of global oil price) On the other hand, demand is sky high. The country relies heavily on imports on almost all goods and services. This puts pressure on the dollar.

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2 of my pals there are telling me that the economy is collapsing.

my cuzo went and came back after only six months with scars of torture.

Their currency is losing value very fast. Last December 100 south Sudanese pounds was approximately 2,000 Kenya shillings. Now the same is worth 1,000 Kenya shillings.

Inta fil beit fen?

Kwani aliwekwa blue house?

Ama white house huko kwa Jalaba?