Does YouTube have a competitor?

Well not really but they may have a future pound for pound competitor which is Dtube . I came across this article today.


Vimeo, pornhub etc

Nice. Wacha nifungue channo yangu sasa…content,content:(:frowning:

Dtube is promising, but I think it should adopt ads asap. Lack of ads will dissuade many potential content creators and only limit talent to big channels and those who can do without money. I think anti-ads campaigns are overrated :D, yes we block them but realistically they are inevitable.

Technically the likes of Pornhub and Netflix count as competitors in the video space

These aren’t really competitors to YouTube. They don’t do the same thing.

Pornhub competitor is Xvideos, etc.
Netflix competitor is Hulu, HBO, etc.
Spotify competitor is Deezer, Tidal, etc.

But what about Youtube? what other platform is similar to Youtube?. Well, there’s Vimeo but its UI is a pain in the ass compared to Youtube’s which is easier to navigate, however, Dtube’s UI very similar to YT so it can easily become a good back up and possibly a major competitor in the future.

Yes, Twitch. Kwanza the Twitch app is 10× better than YouTube. You can even just listen to audio and not watch the video if you wanted or even play a video in the background as you browse. Basic features that YouTube can implement but I guess they are just too comfortable.

Youtube doesn’t let you do that to maximise ROI for their advertisers

Twitch inakwom naubaya sana

Dailymotion is the closest to youtube.

facebook watch is close competitor too.

Twitch is the closest competitor. However YouTube will remain as the king always. It’s how the tech world operates. These tech giants are so good in whatever they do plus their unlimited financial resources and technical know-how that they can’t be beaten in their own game. That’s why both Google failed with their social media platform Google plus and the same happened when they tried to rival Microsoft in computer OS. Similarly Microsoft was unable to beat Google on smartphone OS while Samsung failed in their attempt on smartphone OS dubbed Tizen.
Google also failed in their bid to build hardware and have dropped all their hardware development projects from Motorola acquisition, nexus phones to their smart devices division that has already been axed. Apple failed terribly in their bid to build maps and search engines.
So until something else replaces YouTube or z new development perhaps VR or AR, we are going to have YouTube as the only choice.

there are many competitors to YouTube. The platform is not even the biggest video platform in the world, TikTok would have donea number of them but they were banned by Trump. Many video platforms in China and the rest of the world could be youtube overnight if the game was fair. Unfortunately, Google owns YouTube and they act as gatekeeper. They will either buy you out or refuse you audience

watafanya aje hivi omwami?. Will they ban your website from their search engine? Or deny your platform the ability to use Gmail to sign-up? pay the Government to frustrate you?

I know the US government will definitely try to destroy your platform if its not american.

I found this controversial British guy, Dr Vernon Coleman early this year. Since YouTube kept banning his videos he created an account at brandnewtube and that’s where he funnels his viewers. Whenever a medical doctor talks about Covid-19 in a controversial way, I want to watch. YouTube doesn’t believe in free speech