Does This Make Sense?

Nakumatt has started packaging alot of things and they are always cheaper than their competitors. Is this good for the market or for the consumer. Getting your brand into their shelves is hard enough, sasa with this it will be near impossible. And those are not the only things, they have unga, milk, chicken, curry powder e.t.c In my opinion this may force others out of the market

Kwanza hizo Crisps wanaziweka near the tills …unfair competition, you will find most of the suppliers are wahindis always pulling their wealth together

man eat man society and all other supermarkets are following suit

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Has started… walianza a few years ago, inaitwa blue label.


And their products are quite good, surprisingly

But then again you can go to Uchumi, Naivas, Karendi et al



Napenda sukari ya Tuskys… Sijui factory yao huwa wapi

what I know is that they are making huge profits from this move; it is possible some of those items could be imported from Shina

Yea, I have always wondered the same. pia maziwa I wonder where their cows are.

So pia chumvi you will wonder where their refinery is? They simply buy in bulk and repackage.

The competition authority last month gave a directive that they must disclose the manufacture of those self branded products

Hmmm… Ukiritimba… means “monopoly”, but just saying the word aloud makes it sound like such an insult!

Imagine mmekosana na makanga kwa ma-three…unamsanukia like " wacha ukiritimba, mbwa wewe!". Si makanga atajipandisha tambi kama stove ya Kalu Works! “Ngai ngai ngai, Maish abiya hii maraya nitaidugaduga fisu na nirudi kwetu Murang’a, ubwa wewe, hunijui…”



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There is this myth that corporations and other big business provide employment.

Na majamaa kama @Deorro waache ukiritimba hapa

In retail it is called Generic vs. Branded packaging.
The way this works is that Nakumatt gets the supplier e.g Harpic toilet cleaner to package a certain percentage of their “supplies” as Nakumatt toilet cleaner as a condition for them getting “shelf space” in the shop. They also demand that the goods be supplied at “cost price” meaning that the supplier only makes a profit on the volumes sold on the branded side of the shelf while the supermarket enjoys the benefits of telling the customers that they are cheaper than their competitor and are therefore able to attract a wider customer base into their shop.
So don`t think for one minute that Nakumatt has a soap making factory or a crisps making factory; all they have done is basically hold their suppliers at Ransom to supply some of their stock under their name in exchange for getting “space” in their shops to sell their own branded merchandise.
It sounds ridiculous but big international supermarkets have been doing it for years,


I have seen this with sugar. Well am used to mumias sugar(never mind the content is no longer a kenyan product). So some supermarket stocks it and then sometimes it seems out of stock and the supermarket brand is available, but never the two of them at the same time. Kumbe this is what happens.