Does this delay spray work

I saw Peinelli sexual delay spray online. Does it work


Fikisha deadlift 350kg utakua ukidinya dem anatoroka mwenyewe


:green_emoji: :green_emoji:your mind penis connection is broken…these things will damage your equipment

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Kek. If it’s psychological, just stop wanking/watching porn/any other sexually deviant behaviour for a while and you’ll be fine. If it’s physiological, consider wearing a thicker condom, or a condom if you weren’t one at all.
As a general rule in life, consider visiting a doctor before you decide to spray stuff anywhere near your balls. That spray should be the last resort.

Avoid these chemicals buana.They will permanently numb your member ubaki kuwa mtu bwege wa weak erections.Anytime you are dryfrying a bitch and you feel like cuming simply chomoa your deek until the feeling goes away then resume.Alternatively ukiskia njoti imekulemea sana chomoa the deek and squeeze the head as if you are doing a a strong handshake.By squeezing it you are getting rid of blood which forms part of the erection and cuming process.It will take some time before you feel like nutting again.Ikifika point yenye sasa umelemewa mwaga ndani kabisaa.Unamwaga nje kwani ni maji ya mbosho?


:joy: :joy: :joy:

It’s never that serious buana. Ikikwom imekwom. Wewe mwaga. You don’t owe anyone a climax. Angoje round ya next nikishapumzika kidogo.


Why would you even consider wearing a thicker condom in the first place…whats the connection or what feelings do you want exactly, or maybe you look at the opposite side for satisfaction which if u do it will end up tragic, like satisfying your ego or addiction in masturbation

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Hehehe sometimes the pooosy’s so good that within 5 mins of thrusting you want to cum.The idea is to enjoy the session without cumming too soon.20mins iko tu sawa.After cumming nikuishia tu hakuna anything else.

I recommended a thicker condom because of its demonstrable efficacy as documented in studies such as this one: Efficacy evaluation of thickened condom in the treatment of premature ejaculation - PMC.

Premature ejaculation, if as a result of physiological problems, has something to do with penile nerve function, and a thickened condom dulls heightened nerve activity during stimulus. It also helps things improve if the problem is psychological, and most importantly, is completely nontoxic.

Wueh, hizi ni gani tena? otherwise zoea kukula pussy, with time shaft itawacha kuwa too sensitive na kufanya umalize game mapema.

Mwaga tosheka, round two piga hio kitu, rungu huwa less sensitive, hapa ni ku shine na kujenga tu jina. Una tingiza hadi kitanda.


Safi mkuu

Tuko January sasa, mwaga mwaga mbio ivo in the meantime Feb tutatokea na solid advice

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Just to ask you @Simba2020 , is your woman complaining about how quickly you nut ama? I want to first understand why you are looking for a solution


Are you suffering from premature ejaculation?

I hope you have insurance for back problems later in life.

Kweli kapsaa.Testosterone level wazimu.Bira asitumie steroids.

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Don’t kill yourself in the line of duty, kama ni 3 minutes, give her your best in those 3, kwani iko nini? You use chemicals and die ukiwa juu. Kifo ya aibu, and 2 weeks after your funeral some nigga will be dry frying her.


:grin:the efforts we put into ‘eating’ this thing…


with nigerian accent What are you talking about?

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(with nigerian accent) What are you talking about?

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