Does it make the cut?

As per @Okiya’s post: car enthusiasts, what is your opinion of this car (RVR G grade)? It costs 1.4m. Can one get a better car for the same price?

It has some awesome looks, but we all know the best feedback is from the actual users.
So talkers, what’s your take on this RVR? How is its engine, transmission, overall ride quality etc. Is it a machine that one can depend on or does it have its downside.
NB: Watu wa resale value kaeni kuleeeeee------------------------------------------->

Go for it

Mimi ni peasant bado sijafika. Labda Omtata. But its one ride i truly admire…

Sasa mbona unauliza maono…by the time udecide si kutakuwa na newer models

‘Asking for a very good friend of mine’

Following tukiwa na rafiki yangu @Luther12 :D:D

Unataka kununua ama ni usumbufu tu?

Ni mimi nataka kununulia khupipi. So I want advice

Mazda Carol iko juu kushinda hiyo kitu umeweka hapa

Leta hizo specs za Mazda Caroline tuchambue…

Nunua gari. Although inanikalia gari ya wanawake…design ya dualis na vitz. Get a more masculine looking machine…outlander, cr-v, et al.

For 1.4m can one get those machines?

:D:D Team Footsubishi.

@dusko saa zingine soma thread na speed ya 20kph. Ukizoom past some replies na hiyo Lamboghini yako utakuta umemiss some info. Yangu ni footsubishi gallant,so speed ni 11kph…

inkaa poa. my only concern ni hiyo engine size ya 1.8l… inakaa haitapick haraka sana juu ya power to weight ratio

he he he. sikuwa nimeona ni ya khupipi wa @Okiya. in that case nunulia yeye gari…:slight_smile:

Lakini mwisho mwisho si itasonga

itasonga lakini ukitaka kuovertake kirorry kwa mlima unahitaji hesabu mob

You better get the 2.4 litre engine with more torque and higher bhp. The allegedly 1.8 litre engine is as useless as a Vitz carrying 5 fat people overtaking three trailers going uphill .
148 bhp is what they produce, that is what entry level sedans produce…I find it rather low for a crossover. It has a rather bland driving experience;
Nothing really remarkable about this vehicle, but at an attractive price point, it is value for money (pro);
Boring four speaker audio;
Manual driver seat;
Front disks are ventilated disks which if they are the type that have holes in them, I’d advise you switch them to the normal disks, their cons are much more than the pros - durability and performance;

Relatively good fuel economy? More or less;
The one in the picture though is an AWC type, so expect to churn out 10km/l which is decent for a crossover, since it is ex-japan, the engine condition is not as mint, so temper the numbers down to 8.5 - 9 km/l worst case scenario;
All Wheel Control - which means options to shift from 2wheel drive to 4wd with a sophisticated slip diff - competent for reasonable off-roading;
Good ground clearance suitable for Eastlands Battalion;

Objectively, this vehicle, lies at the bottom of the crossover barrel and the biggest pro is the price-point. If you believe driving is more than taking you from point A to B, look elsewhere.

Unataka kununua na hauna hela, what do you expecti?