Does God really exist? What prove is there that He does.

I’ve been following an amazing thread on whether free will is an illusion recently and tumbled across this question. Wacha we discuss it and kindly support your answers we need to find a logical conclusion at the end of the discussion. Have at it.

no comment. if you’ve not been to the mountain you can’t see the other bigger mountains beyond the mountain.

the fact that you use PROVE and PROOF interchangeably, means God exists.

Your ass is breathing that’s enough proof

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There is no evidence that god exists. But no religious person will ever admit this because they think it’s blasphemy and they don’t want to go to hell.

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Everything including space and time must have started from somewhere with the help of a supreme being. Since when Satan advised the first humans to eat the fruit of knowledge, humans have been learning how the supreme being worked

It depends on what you mean by god ! if it’s the Abrahamic ( allah, yahweh) then there is more than enough proof to show it’s all made up and just a conglomeration of many ancient religions , even some halfarsed research will show this, as for a creator who is above all I think we as humans don’t have the knowledge or the instruments to know that , just like the bacteria in your gut can’t fathom where they are and what lies beyond ur gut wall !
As for me I’m an atheist to all this man made gods but an agnostic to what lies beyond the big bang and space and if he, it exists I doubt he even knows were there or bothers with our day to day shenenigans , just like you cannot have time to bacteria praying in your gut !

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[SIZE=7]Question: Does God really exist?
Answer: Yes
Illustration: You are God and you exist. I am God too and I exist. All human beings are God manifesting differently. Stop calling yourself human beings, they are God. We are made in the same image of God so we are God. [/SIZE]

You are either a believer or a atheist. There is nothing as in between.

What supreme being?if there’s a supreme being what’s its origin?
According to me everything is a puzzle and having a unfounded belief systems is a waste of time just live and die

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Religion is spread through fear,what difference will believing in a god make when you’re dying?

The existence of God is not in dispute,just unclutter your mind of your worldly “problem s” and talk to HIM in spirit ,wait for his answer patient and you will hear HIM…it’s quite an experience for first timers

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