Does Gathecha Have Balls

Gathecha is no longer chairing cabinet meetings, ameachia super CS Matis hio kazi na LootAll kumleteanga kahawa…je, Jambazi Rotich ataambiwa akanyange, go drying pale nje?

Uhuru has been so unpopular in his backyard so he might be trying to salvage his reputation. Kuna watu wataumizwa.

As soon as the charges are read in court, Gatheca will have no option but to relieve the state officers their duties.

He has but full of hot air.

We’re counting minutes to this

This is confusing. First you want him to do something; then when he orders his subordinates not to care even if they arrest people he appointed, you ask whether he has the courage! (Some even using uncouth language)

Wanakenya, wacheni ushenzi… You cannot be so insecure after you’ve elected someone and “ordered” him to do something. If something has been started, let’s see where it’s going to go. You know he doesn’t care about being re-elected…

This is very amusing…kwa SoTN alisema atakayekanyanga court atakaa kando…we’re just watching if he’ll walk the talk…alisema watajua Gathecha ti kihii kia mundu


Ndio hao majambazz

this is how i read it. rotich is now ready to run for governor’s seat once he is given lighter duties. he now has the money and the reputation. as usual.