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Al Jazeera

we have a one hour Documentary " The Secrets of the Seven Sisters"

A tale of international oil companies and their role in turmoils in Africa


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it’s a rerun and in four parts I think. watch it and understand why we have terrorist organizations. those oil companies are the devil incarnate. I watched and loved Ayatollah Khomeini

I watched the one aired on Al Jazeera, the Frenchies are a cancer I will go through the other You Tube chapters. Now I understand why Francophone Africa is in such a mess

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Oh, kumbe mwazungumza lugha moja?

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Looks to me like the 7 sisters (oil companies) are back to those countries they had been sent packing i.e. Iraq & Libya. Have always wondered why Nigeria a top oil producing oil country in the world is poor it does not benefit from its oil. These companies must have got something to do with the current civil war in South Sudan.

Having watched the documentary, South Sudan still has to use North Sudan’s port in-order to export its oil. Now, we have ports in Kenya & South Sudan are our friends. If Kenya was wise, we should be very active in helping end South Sudan’s civil war then with the help of our Chinese friends, pipelines can be laid from South Sudan to the Kenyan coast so that we could also benefit from it.

The ‘toxic’ influence of the seven-sisters has, in today’s world, been largely diminished by the emergence of other oil companies from the non-traditional usual suspects e.g CNOOC from China, Petrobras from Brazil, Petronas from Malaysia, etc.

With respect to Nigeria, it’s disheartening to see one of Africa’s top oil producers suffering fuel shortages, ostensibly due to insufficient refining capacity. Not to forget the environmental pollution especially in the Niger Delta (that gave rise to groups such as MEND) that left huge swathes of land nothing but barren wastelands.

On South Sudan, that’s where LAPSSET comes in. Besides the Lamu port, there’s also a network of roads, railways and pipelines linking Kenya to SS for exactly that purpose. I just wish the pace of implementation was faster than is at the moment.

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Which reminds me, as a young boy during Moi’s regime, the seven sisters had a strong presence in Kenya. If I can remember very well, petro stations were the likes of Shell, BP, Elf…but have since been replaced by local companies such as Kenol-Kobil, Hass and others. Does this mean that Moi’s corrupt government was in cahoots with oil companies to fleece Kenya?

Not necessarily, though I wouldn’t put it past them (the regime). In most of the world, those were the only oil companies and so they were the only alternatives a country had. I too recall the likes of Caltex, Esso, Agip, Mobil, etc.

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Great stuff!Thanks for sharing