Documentary & Interview: Idi Amin Kicks out asians

Interesting interview of Amins reason for kicking out asians in Uganda in 1972:

And here are asians being interviewed… alot of what they say smacks of racism:

We should do the same thing over here in Kenya but only when the time is right. Idi amin did the right thing but the timing was wrong.

We need more bantus in the positions indians are in right now.

When growing up I believed everything the Western media said about Idi Amin. That he was an idiot, a Kalulu worse than the late Mulu Mutisya. Then I listened to him being interviewed on a YouTube video and my mind was blown by his eloquence and clarity in his thinking. The guy was far from a fool. It’s just that when the West hates you, their propaganda machine is so strong that only those who are used to mining information from many different sources can find the truth.

Wahindi hatuwezi fukuza kenya kina @uwesmake na @maasai 101 watapoteza employers

Ile chokehold they have on our economy hatuwezi toka anytime soon.

I get what you were saying but also alot of the videos i have watched of him he seemed really out of touch with reality, he seemed to suffer from delusionals of grandeur kama @Kwame the God.

But when people called him a fool they were not willing to see past all that bravado and arrogance and the man was smart first off all coming to power especially through a coup d’état is no easy task and he managed to say in power for 8 years although at a great cost to his country.

Which’positions’are these as there are almost no Asians in Government.

Dude had madness induced by syphilis and was a cannibal.
Before you claim this is a lie, he himself said that he had enough girlfriends to create a line from Kisumu to Kampala.
As for cannibalism, he came from a community that still makes headlines to date over the practice.
Plus he did consume an Anglican archbishop’s in that retarded ritual also practiced in the DRC where if you kill someone, eat a small piece of him so that they do not haunt you

Am talking about matters concerning the economy.

Wacha bangi wewe, we’re in the 21st century, that shit won’t stand anywhere in the world. Besides we can’t kick them out if the current system doesn’t even want to support black people when it comes to building factories and other industries.

Those guys do not look at you as an equal and look at yourself over here capping for them. Go to india and see how they treat people of your kind even the blacks that have been living there for centuries are still marginalized.

Miss me with that kumbaya nonsense.

Jamaa was dilusional kiplani. Yeah a eloquent speaker he was. But the taste of power screwed up his ability to judge.

Mimi nashuku ni hiyo syphillis he allegedly suffered from.

This isn’t about brotherhood, it’s about civility and level headedness.

It is not like i said we should start slaughtering indians all i said is that we should empower ourselves and put power back into our own hands.

I am not wrong and you are not wrong you havea different pov from me and i have a different pov from you.

We will have to agree to disagree on this topic.

No we shouldn’t slaughter them, we should deprive them of their source of income calmly and then take over from there sio? Like I told you wacha bangi because you seem like a very impulsive person or you’re just pumping yourself up to seem larger than what you represent.

Whatever rocks your boat.

:D:Dalikuwa na kaswende? I swear to God leaders should castrate themselves because nyundo lazima zitembee once a loser gets elected and thereby gets access to young beauties. Reverend Louis Farrakhan’s strategy is to always be accompanied by his wife everywhere he goes. I don’t know how he can spend all that time with his wife but it has worked. The FBI who watch him closely have never caught him slipping

Hehe kwanza huyu amin alikuwa badman anachukua bibi yako and you cant tell him chieth.
The same way mike pence does it pia, he is never in a room with a woman without his wife being present some people call him weird but it seems to work quite well for him.

Do you know what you are saying really? You think you can compete with established enterprises? Amin did what he did to make ugandan have a fair chance. That was the only right timing. Such a move is not possible now