Docu :: Australian Aboriginals in the modern world - Our mirror society 100%

This is a beautifully made Documentary ya wikendi

A shame that most of them are now junkies in the society. Wazungu wanawaogopa vibaya sana

The British really fucked up these people. What even makes it worse is that they have no rights in their own country. They cant get necessary documents living like foreigners in their own land. Sad state of affairs. The current crop of Europeans in Australia dont do anything to show remorse for the genocide committed to the Aboriginals. This has made them (Aborigines) turn to drugs to find happiness and solace. So saad!

Same as the american natives canadian inuits ,maoris,mongols,uyghurs,berbers have all been sidelined by the invaders and neglected to their own devices,the sooner they die out the better for ‘everyone’ else,no bickering over land and freedom rights

Yes and no. The british did indeed fuck them up bad. But the Australian government is the only government in the world to ever apologize to what it did to its natives. They heavily acknowledge this fact so much so that in every institution/facility/public land there is always a banner that reads that the government recognizes the elders of the land. Niliwai hamisha Mp wa region fulani huko alikua amepigania io bill sana hadi alikua amehang io poster kwa sitting room. In every single job application or institution they will first ask you if you are an Aboriginal or a torres islander. If yes you automatically get that job or into that facility. The police fear apprehending them. The Government practically gives them free money and resources.

The problem however is that Aboriginals really really hate whites. Like i mean an extreme amount of hatred bordering almost on violence at times. So many times nimekua nikitembea and one of them will greet you and then proceed to beat up some white guy randomly. I remember one day one came and asked me if i had a lighter nikamshow sina and then we chatted a bit akaenda kuuliza mzungu fulani hapo train station. The moment alisema hana lighter alipewa mateke kadha. They hate anything to do with whites. Thats why haezi chukua io job ata kama anajua ataipata or go to school. They just want whites out of their land and go back to living in communities

Yaani hamuoni this is our fate if we don’t wake up…the world belongs to the omusungu…nyinyi mtatolewa pole pole while turning the other cheek…god is white , the world thus belongs to his children, who can only be wazungu …that’s why they think they are superior , they can claim the creator …and Christianity is one of their tools

This is the ideology white supramacy holds…goes way back …

Most of what’s in Christianity ilitolewa Egypt…a black African civilisation…


Bonobo is predisposed to be submissive,backward and timid ,traditionally.He is not a social climber,always wary of what fellow bonobo will think. I see people here condemning tatoos,piercings on males and females like its wholly connected to character where as ,same tattooed/pierced are CEOs of companies kule west.The day a black man will embrace civility and mordernization,is the day his inner self will see clearly on what is needed to be done and be able to think by himself not waiting for affirmations. Ukumbaff ndio mingi