Nimeenda chemist nikaulizwa ka nataka generic au original nkasema generic … ? Swali ni is it wrong kuchukua generic??

No. Chances an original brand of a drug will not have quality issues, but is going to be unreasonably expensive. Most generics have good quality at a very reasonable price. If you are asked if you want paracetamol at twenty tabs for 10/= or panadol at two tabs for 10/=? No brainer there.

Please go for common industry & common generic !

Naomba msaada wa treatment of Internal Piles,i have been using Anusol and the likes but the pain disappear for few month and come back. Im sick and tired of this disease. I need a permanent solution of treatment

Usikubali hizo diagnosis za internal piles na anusol kila siku. Go get scoped kama ni rhoids zikuwe banded ama zing’olewe.

Permanent sol is disect removal or …Haemorroidectomy at Hospital…easy!

Does it require surgery even Grade 1 Internal Hemorrhoids?

1st degree are likely to be asymptomatic. If you are asking questions you have a more serious degree of the problem.

It is the 1st degree indeed

They term it 1st degree when i went for a check up in the hospital


Thanks a million … like i bought generic at 100bob while original was going for 270bob

Thanks a million … happy i took the right decision

Halafu mlisema dawa ya meno ni gani sitaki kungo’a at all … …

It depend brathe with the severity of the cavities. Root canal therapy success rate is 50% for posterior teeth. But for anterior success rate is higher coz they have a single root.
Ng’oa ujuje tweke CROWN and BRIDGE

Hiyo bridge itamwagika kama ya Budalangi?

Haiumi sana . . Nikidogo tu kwa umbali

Hahaha really?

Njoo tuweke crown basi

Hio ni nini boss … ? Filling ama