DOCTORS' Strike Called Off

That is the best Christmas gift to poor Kenyans.

The president intervened. The sad reality is we are kicking the can down the road.

My two cents, health especially the human resource function should never have been devolved. There are far too many players ( ministry of health, 47 counties, SRC, min of labor, min of devolution, KMPDU) that need to come together for the fundamental issues to be addressed comprehensively. Health budgets are huge and attract vultures and hyenas entrenched in the political class. The political class travel outside Kenya or go to private hospitals for medical care and thus do not bear the brunt of underinvestment and fragmentation of the public health system.

The other cadres are still on strike though

The 2010 constitution has been a disaster.

Ni kama iliandiwa na walevi

It is full of cheap platitudes but when it comes to defining the actual machinery of government, it fails so badly

Eggsactly! And the implementers are idiots who can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. Kenyans are a strange type of animals, imagine Nairobians voting for Sonko. Yaani Mike Mbuzi Sonko.

These are kenyans for u.
Now am hearing of a certain bishop , the female version of sonko will run n ppl r supporting her

And she has a good chance of going through. I think we are gluttons for punishment. By the way Merry Christmas @Circledot

They were striking before devolution and they will continue if our leadership continues.
They made a deal years ago and the national government was supposed to increase the money that goes to the counties to pay them but they have not done their part.

Tuliambia ghassia ziangushe hiyo kitu, zikasema baba amesoma na amesema ni nzuri -it’s the best constitution in the world, as if there is a standard for measuring constitution bestness, and such bullshit. The saddest thing is that they actually believed what they were saying. Zikapitisha.

Sasa ngoja uone bibi-eye pia ikipita.

  1. (1) The electorate under Articles 97 and 98 have the right to recall the member of Parliament representing their constituency before the end of the term of the relevant House of Parliament.

(2) Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for the grounds on which a member may be recalled and the procedure to be followed.

So automatically, (2) invalidates (1) as well as all of chapter 6

Ni kama kusema “just follow me, I’ll be right behind you!”

And 67% of voters approved this f.uckery

Wadau bado tuko mgomo

It brought devolution. Without devolution we would have had a civil war in 2013


Why should the president have wazirs if he has to personally intervene on everything affecting the country?