Doctors lying about CBA 7. It's all about mshahara

Minutes of meeting held on 5th Dec shows ni mishahara tu that is outstanding.

Alafu council of governors where chairman wa health ni ODM’s Jack Ranguma ilipeleka doctors to industrial court which later jailed doctors. Then I heard Raila akiblame the government for jailing doctors. Ata alienda court to show solidarity. SMH.


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We unanimously passed a resolution that @Luther12 must be properly remunerated and his working terms and conditions be subsequently improved henceforth


Serikali has also agreed about the improvement of working conditions that’s why haiko kwa agenda ya contentious issues.

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Enough of taktaris threads. I am already exausted.

in .ke nothing is ever what you see…


UOTP must pay doctors.

Followed by harmonization of all civil service salaries


Some years back I took a farmhand who had been injured by thugsat night to tigoni hospital at 8am. He had suffered a very deep panga cut on his arm.
The doctor came in at 3pm and those patients who had 500bob were treated. Yani unaingia kama ziko mkononi you give him then he treats you na saa hizo ananuka pombe. When those who had cash were dispensed with, the guy left Hawa wengine wakabaki hapo.
Hawa madaktari ni meffi tu.
Nothing has changed.
Those who can afford the 500 are getting treatment in mission hospitals. Actually I read somewhere that deaths have reduced since they went on strike.
Sijui wanapembelezewa nini.


Raila told the judge to lock them up for 30 days before instructing his friends Orengo and other ODM lawyers to appeal the case.Going to the Court of Appeal he told the judge to release them for a rally at Uhuru Park…

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hizi pesa za madaktari zinauma watu sana.kwani wakipewa zao zitakatwa? there has been vigorous and serious campaigns against doctors from some quarters. i have never seen or heard anyone block policemen from getting salary increments based on claims of corruption, and insecurity. neither have I witnessed the same group going for teacher, because some students failed. the last time mps and MCAs dot increments i never saw the same guys make so much noise!


I wish people would be this angry at MPs, MCAs, Senators and Governors because of their pay.

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it is not that kenyans are not angry with that group of people…they are frustrated at the lack of progress in the doctors/GoK “talks” (I would prefer to call it standoff)…

This doctors thing will end,most probably they’ll get shafted, but the wastage of our pigs through allowances, high salaries and outright theft, will still be higher than our economy can handle.However just wait for August 9 and look for this comment the same MPs,senators and governors will still be there. Kenyans are not angry, and even if they are they are not angry enough to vote.

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its either you fight for your share or kabura will take it all…madikitari tulipwe

last time mps increased their salaries, Boniface Mwangi and other activists carried pigs to Parliament (the mpigs saga)…therefore, it is incorrect to state that people were not angry

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That Boniface Mwangi is regularly ridiculed by people on the who are always govt’s side. Just look for any threads about him on here. By and large Kenyans don’t care, if they did things would have changed a long time ago.

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kenyans are a complacent lot. even when things are out on the surface they find it very hard work to think…

Whether the doctors are lying or not, fact remains that the CBA was signed by both parties.

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The public doesn’t care. Koreans care