Do you regret going to collage/uni and/or not getting a chance to get to college/uni?

Do you feel like going to college wasted your 4+ years of your life? Those who didn’t get a chance to get to do at least a diploma, do you feel like the college would be your key to success or something…?

College was the best thing that happened to me. My work is not directly related to the course I did however college broadened my horizons and survival skills.

How long did it take for you to start earning after college studies?

For me , I wasted 4 yrs in school to get papers. Ningeingia jua Kali mapema ningekua billionaire

2 years of despair trying to get an opportunity in my line… Took an internship in a different line that opened a couple of great doors for a couple of years.
In steady self employment



Colle imesaidia Mimi Sana na ni ya huku ingekua ngambo ningekua mnoma Sana saidi

Work in same area i studied in uni. Exactly same one, and BTW, it is an area where you cannot work with natural skills or learn on the job. You need training. So am good, imenisaidia 100%

huyu ni nurse wa kuosha tunyanye majuu

Mimi diploma yangu ime ni saidia Sana. I don’t regret going to university.

Yes I regret I was compelled to study my father’s choice,failed a number of times eventually dropped out and I feel like shit 12 yrs later.

I did B.Com in mid 90s when it was still the in thing. After 2nd year, I opted to specialize marketing coz it was easier. I always wish I had done accounting coz my classmates who did accounting got stable jobs including KRA, audit firms, parastatals etc while sales jobs ni targets targets targets…fired, get another job targets targets targets.

You could have gone back to school or did your CPA exams?..

I never regret although i tarmacked for some few years, i am right where i had hoped to be

Tafuteni pesa mpeleke watoi kusoma majuu for networking

College helped me with only 2 things

i) Free Sex - Get a girl from class,take to the room,she cooks,you eat your food,then eat her food. Damages: food and free condoms.
ii) Side Hustle - I started selling computer software,by 2014 I was the only reputable retailer of QuickBooks Accounting and POS with a briefcase company ,a non existent office in TRM and a couple of swanky suits.

Lol ninjas were doing this already pre 2010

Job or no job, college education is priceless. However, I learned 75% on the job. Most of the things learned in school was basics.

Mimi its 10 years plus, haijawahi nipea any job…I resorted kuweka io cert far away. Currently doing anything that brings money. BORA UHAI

Hiyo masomo haikunisaidia. Btw ili nipea stress sana.
However I benefited a lot from my side hustle then and building networks. Hizo ndio mimi hukulia upto now.