Do you really know how to look for a job?

She came up with an impressive creative resume:

that landed her this job:

Impressive…talk about thinking outside the box. Now expect a rash of copycat videos from other jobless kenyans.

I just know how to submit my resignatio. come late to find the boss boiling over tag along an orchestra to sing the boss the swan song

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bwana dagirari the question you should be asking is do you really know what you want and if you do are you looking for it?
or you just whining like the little bitch you are.

Is there a way to favorite listings/posts hapa k-talk? My operamini hii mpya I cnt find the “save page” option kwa android… ujanja? Anyone?

Page ikimaliza kuload, to the left of the address bar unacheki a ‘+’ sign. Touch it and you’ll see ‘save for offline’. There it is.


yes there is. tap on the bookmark option hapo china ya post. you can even bookmark a comment.

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