Do you know Kenya gets attacked by terrorists because of Israel?

In 1970s, a plane was hijacked and hostages taken to Uganda when Idi Amin was president. In one of the historical rescue mission Benjamin Netanyau brother led soldiers to rescue the israelites undetected. The mistake they made was refueling their planes in Nairobi. Even Jomo did not know, maybe Njonjo. The angered Islamists around the world and they will never forgive Kenya. Isramists hates Many Kenyans thinks Kenya gets attacked because of being US ally.Kenya is not an US ally.


Bring your theory.

The hijackers threatened to kill the hostages if their prisoner release demands were not met.

Niaje captain shoga. Handle umeunda ngapi hii wiki

:D:D:D… this is ridiculous. Terrosit kill children for no fucking reason and you still think they attack us because a plane was fueled in Kenya!!

jaba base theories. hii ndo having shiet for brains

Somalia also allowed Germans to rescue a hijacked plane in their country so I dont think that really matters

And the Somalians are terrorist organisation in name of failed shithole,so we arent attacked for refueling crime

This shitload of bullcrap can fill 10 14ton lorries and you are still left with two wheelbarrows

Nonsense. The coward terrorists attack kenya because they are too cowardly to directly attack their enemy

bullshitt , hio propaganda pelekea nyanya yako. we will support Israel to kill all those Islamists

It was a country when it happened and it did not experience any repercussions from the Muslim world

@Dunya wanasema ati hio kuma yako ni maji maji sana. Lakini ukiiosha ndio utapata customer. Tumia gunia na omo.

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wewe huwa huna akili mbwa hii